Bassetti: “Doctors’ strike is wrong, never done”

“It affects those who already suffer from health problems. I’ve never had one”

“I find that the doctors’ strike, called by the unions for December 5 and 18, “is the wrong instrument of protest for doctors because it affects those who are already suffering from health problems. I have never done one.” Thus Matteo Bassetti, director of infectious diseases at the San Martino polyclinic hospital in Genoa, comments to Adnkronos Salute on the two days of abstention from work announced by Anaao Assomed and Cimo-Fesmed, for 5 December, and today by the Aaroi-Emac unions, Fassid (Aipac-Aupi-Simet-Sinafo-Snr), Fvm (Federation of veterinary surgeons and doctors) for 18 December.

“The problem of the strike is simple: the situation in which the doctors find themselves is not the result of what the Government has done this year. It is the result of a devastation of the Italian health system which has its principals – specifies Bassetti – who are those who governed before the current executive. For many years, when there were others in government, it was always said that this was fine and now somehow we get to the point of saying no and calling for a strike. Be careful, the condition in which doctors pay today is certainly difficult and the salaries are not adequate. Today – he continues – we protest with a strike, but we can find other ways of protesting, other situations, because in this way we create a disservice to the citizen. As a doctor, I am ethically can I go to hospital and say ‘if you arrive with meningitis you could even die because today I’m on strike’?”.