Bassetti vs Comparison: “I am proudly my father’s son”

The infectious disease specialist replies to the former M5S journalist who accused him of being ‘recommended’: “I’ll wait for you in court”

I am proudly my father’s son and my love for infectious diseases also stems from what I breathed and learned in the family through a real cultural transmission. “So Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious diseases department of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, returns to the battle on Facebook had last night at ‘Non è l’Arena’ with Senator Gianluigi Paragone who accused Bassetti of being ‘a father’s son’ because his father was a famous infectious disease specialist. “I am sure that for the majority of Italians this is not a fault. For the world of ‘Mr.’ Comparison, on the other hand, yes. Of course it’s easy to insult me ​​and then hide behind parliamentary immunity. Without immunity, I wait for him in court. Poor Italy“.

“Last night at ‘Non è l’Arena’ I witnessed one of the lowest points reached so far in Italy in the misinformation on Covid and vaccines – recalls Bassetti -. I am not surprised that Mr. Paragone touched the lowest point. , who has dealt with violence, ignorance of scientific matter, arrogance and presumption, unfortunately for many months, such a delicate subject for all of us. Not being able to reply on the scientific and medical concepts I expressed, he did the only thing he knows Do: use violence with words accusing myself of being a ‘father’s son’, recommended and that I would have made a career only thanks to my father. Also on this comparison he denotes, as on all the issues he deals with, that he has only superficial knowledge, with a populist and indifferent approach “.

“Unfortunately for me, for my family and for Italian infectious diseases my father Dante died 16 years ago at the age of 65 – continues Bassetti -. I did the whole process of my career, first in hospital and then in university, after his death, winning regular public competitions and without the help of anyone, except that of my love and my passion for infectious diseases. I have always believed in meritocracy and I believe that my curricular path, which led me to 51 years to one of the highest indices in Italy in terms of quantity and quality of scientific production in the field of infections, this is attested by “.