Bastian, the child from “The Neverending Story”: what he does today after his farewell to acting

He was the child protagonist of the film “The Neverending Story”: today he has changed in an impressive way and does something completely different in life.

Among the cult films of the 80s that have definitely remained the great classics of cinema of all time, there is certainly The Neverending Story. A real masterpiece both for the special effects and for the basic idea of ​​the project and the skill of the entire cast.

Actor of the film “The Neverending Story” (Credits: Youtube)

The main protagonist of the story is Bastiana child who suffers the pain of the loss of his mother but who, thanks to the volume found in a mysterious book store, will live a truly magical adventure that will even allow him to fly on the back of a dog-dragon.

We told you some time ago about the other two actors who played the characters of Atreyu and the Child Empress at a very young age, showing you how they became and what they do 38 years after the film that made them unforgettable. But what became of the man who played the part of Bastian? It’s about the actor Barret Oliver, or rather, former actor. Yes, because in recent years his life has totally changed and even his appearance is unrecognizable.

It was Bastian in “The Neverending Story”: how the child protagonist of the iconic film has become and what he does today

Not everyone knows that Oliver was not immediately cast for the role of Bastian: rejected at the first test, he came back a second time after being called back and this time managed to convince Petersen. The latter even postponed the return flight to Germany from the United States, where he had been at the Oscars, to meet him at Los Angeles airport.

In addition to the famous fantasy, Oliver collected other experiences as an actor: in fact he took part in The Incredible Hulk, Supercar, DARYL, Cocoon, the energy of the universe And Cocoon – The return and others, up to the last work in 89 in Class struggle scenes in Beverly Hills.

Since he said goodbye to acting forever: today he lives in Los Angeles and devotes himself to a very different profession. Not only: has completely changed her look! According to what we learn from a 2019 interview with the website, the former star of The Neverending Story has become a I photograph. More precisely, he is a photographer specialized in nineteenth-century techniques: “I use historical techniques, basically pre-industrial technologies”, he says in the interview.

Among his specialties, also the technique called woodburytipia, on which he wrote a book entitled History of the Woodburytype. The volume has been presented in various exhibitions and also in the documentary In the Usual Manner. As seen in the image that we show you here, the former actor is practically unrecognizable: long dark beard and glasses make it really impossible to see that little boy reading the story of the Kingdom of Fantasy!

child The Neverending Story
What does the actor do “The Neverending Story” (Credits: Youtube)

Did you, too, when you were little, dreamed of experiencing the same emotions as Bastian?