Battista-Bocchino clash in Gaza, video flies on Arab social media

The former grillino: the Palestinian population “is the most forgotten on the planet”

“Alessandro Di Battista, Italian writer and politician, in defense of Gaza and Palestine”. This is the title of the viral video on social media, which even ended up on the Facebook account of TV Palestine, from Ramallah in the West Bank, with Arabic subtitles of the former five-star member who aired on Tuesday on La7 and of the clash that took place during the broadcast with the editorial director of Secolo d’Italia, Italo Bocchino.

“I immediately condemned the terrorist attack by Hamas, why have you not said a word in 17 years against the military occupation. Against an open-air prison which is a concentration camp”, says Di Battista vehemently, defining the Palestinian population as “the most forgotten population on the planet”.

An old intervention from about a year ago by Di Battista himself also reappears on La7 in which he criticizes the West for military aid to Ukraine having not done the same with Palestine “which ended up under occupation like Ukraine today”. “How can you convince a 10-year-old boy today to believe in a diplomatic solution if all diplomatic spaces, even spaces to escape from Gaza, are closed?”, is the phrase translated into Arabic and highlighted associated with the video .