Battisti, Torregiani: “Not at all agree on the declassification of the regime, unacceptable”

‘I will fight for request to be blocked, respect for victims – Danger and sneaky attempt to shorten sentence’

“I will ensure that this request is blocked because the violation of respect for the victims must, once and for all, stop.” This was stated to Adnkronos by Alberto Torregiani, son of Pierluigi Torregiani, who was killed 40 years ago by a Pac commando in front of the family jewelry store and in turn was injured, saying he was “not at all” in agreement with the declassification of the prison regime of the former leader of the Pac Cesare Battisti from high security to common. A passage that, according to Torregiani, risks being the prelude to “further requests” with the “danger, the not so subtle attempt, to shorten the sentence”.

“I learn from the newspapers the decision of the Dap to declassify the prison position of Cesare Battisti from security Queens to common prisoner – underlines Torregiani – I do not understand the will to accept this request and condition of the terrorist Battisti, when, and I remember very well, in Not so distant times, he ranted for having those same security rights that he did not have in the Calabrian prison, underlining the danger to his life “.

According to Torregiani, the former leader of the CAP was granted “those rights that ‘another’ would not have received by transferring him to the Ferrara prison which we know to be a maximum security prison” which “does not mean being pilloried, but residing in a prison which, in fact, gives the prisoner the security required “. “A terrorist, leaving aside the discourse of the long inaction, had with the contribution of his friends on the left, who has two life sentences on his shoulders, should not have the audacity to make certain requests, but accept (as he himself declared) his condition and punishment with silence, with acceptance of the consequences, for the respect of the victims in question – observes Torregiani – It emerges as a natural consequence that in a few months he will make further requests, which, with the new concession, he will be able to propose. , the not so subtle attempt to shorten the sentence by following a preferential path that few have been granted due to political peculiarities “.

“I do not agree at all – he continues – As you remember, I have always placed the right to justice and civil and moral rights above all else in respect of the person and agreed on his transfer, but I cannot accept that legal favors are placed on him based on to personal considerations that should not exist based on the degree of gravity that hangs on the person “.

“I do not want to enter into the times and methods of the path that led to this concession, but I will ensure that the request is blocked because the violation of respect for the victims must, once and for all, end”, concludes Torregiani.