Bcc, the editor of Adnkronos Giuseppe Marra: “I believe in the value of small and local banks”

The interview with ‘Vela’, the magazine of the members of the Cooperative Credit Bank: “Closer to savers and investors”

“I believe in the value of small and local banks, those most linked to the reality of the territory. And therefore also the closest to savers and investors”. He says this in an interview with ‘Vela’, the magazine of the members of the cooperative credit bank (Bcc), the editor of Adnkronos Giuseppe Marra, explaining the reasons why he is a member of the institute and why he considers it different from the others. “Today there is widespread prejudice against the banking system: but I believe that defending the plurality of institutions is a good way to revive those fundamental relationships of trust without which the economy does not grow and savings deteriorate – he maintains – A question of trust Exactly. Before and more than talent, which is also needed, obviously.”

The editor of Adnkronos then talks about his choice to live in Anguillara Sabazia, which “for me is the place of reflection, my way of recharging my batteries in the aftermath of busy days and the daily fatigue of my job”. “I am an honorary citizen – he remembers – and I am honoured. The meeting and connection with so many people that I meet and find here is obviously also part of that need that we all have to look at things from a different perspective. But it is also an idea of ​​the country, if I may say so. Italy is a great variety of people, of environments, of professions, of cultures. It is a country of countries. Its unity and its strength lie precisely in this infinite mosaic of experiences, each of which deserves attention and respect. Anguillara, for me, is also a way to keep in mind, and keep alive, this set of things”.