Beach concessions, Brothers of Italy holds back on amendments

A government measure is coming. Lega-Forza Italia amendment: extension of concessions up to 2025

“We have drawn up a series of amendments” on the issue of beach concessions “but we have now decided not to report ours, after the government let us know that there is an ongoing provision, we have had reassurances on what remains a priority issue “. Thus at AdnKronos Lavinia Mennuni, senator of the Brothers of Italy, who signed the amendment to the Milleproroghe decree on concessions to seaside resorts, which provides for the stop to the extension until 2023, as envisaged by the Draghi government. Amendment that the Fdi group has however today decided not to ‘report’ to the Commissions. “I am sure that the issue is a priority, and in any case we have until Monday to decide what to do, but we have been reassured by the Meloni government”.

The amendments to the Milleproroghe of Forza Italia and the League, on the other hand, remain standing. In fact, they would have been reported in the Constitutional Affairs and Budget Commissions of the Senate and will therefore have the opportunity to arrive in the Chamber and be voted on. The amendment signed by the Azzurri Ronzulli-Gasparri and the Northern League Centinaio-Marti aims to extend the extension of the concessions until 31 December 2025, therefore by two years. Instead, the text signed by Marti-Centinaio-Romeo-Gasparri aims at setting up an inter-ministerial technical table (“with consultative and guidance tasks and matters relating to state-owned maritime concessions”). The table will have to acquire “the data relating to all the concession relationships in beings of the maritime, lake and river state-owned areas”.

SALVINI – “The theme of bathing establishments is a theme that I hope will be closed positively by the summer with the approval of the associations once and for all”. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, on the sidelines of a Lega gathering in Milan. “We need to involve the associations and close the game once and for all. In respect of these 30,000 businesses and families. I spoke yesterday with Giorgia Meloni and we have an idea that coincides, so I realize that this too, after years and years of waiting, is a dossier that the new government is going to close,” said Salvini.