Beach mode: Pampita raises the temperature in a tight swimsuit

Since a few days pampita She is on vacation in a 5-star hotel in Punta Cana. According to what she says, the model has a paid collaboration with the lodging, so she must travel from time to time to use the facilities and take pictures in that beautiful place.

Over there, pampita He traveled with his three youngest children: Benicio, Beltrán and Ana. His eldest son, Bautista, stayed in Buenos Aires with Benjamín Vicuña. One of the youngest, Benicio, had his birthday in the middle of the trip and the national actor dedicated a tender post to him, as he usually does with each of his children.

“The candy scoundrel, the rabbit tamer, the boy who appeared from a rainbow in the middle of the storm and whose birth was bigger than the triumphal arch, the triumph of life” were some of the creative nicknames that the ex of pampita used to name his son. The host of ‘The Hotel of the famous’ gave him a like and left a heart to the post of the father of her children.

Papita on the beach. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

In the last hours, pampita shared a photo where she is seen on her knees on the beach wearing a two-piece swimsuit with black, pink and green stripes. Also, she added sunglasses, probably from her collection. The publication exceeded 24,000 likes and 170 comments.

Pampita posed in profile. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

Her husband, Roberto García Moritán, left her red heart emojis. “Perooooooo por favorrrrrrrrr carolaaaaaa”, “Handmade in that little piece of heaven” and “TUTTI MERAVIGLIOSO!!!!!! the mama? Piú Bella ”were just some of the endless compliments she received on her account from Instagram.