Beata te, the film in exclusive TV premiere on Sky at Christmas

lucky you is the new Sky Original comedy produced for Sky by Cinemaundici and Vision Distribution which deals with the delicate theme of motherhood and free choice with light but non-trivial tones. Produced by Olivia Musini, directed by Paola Randi (LBefana comes at night – The origins) and the screenplay by Lisa Nur Sultan and Carlotta Corradi, the film is based on the play “Farsi Fuori” by Luisa Merloni and stars Serena Rossi (Love and underworld, Song ‘e Napule, Sadness is a light sleeper). Next to her Fabio Balsamo ((Im)perfect criminalthe, Generation 56k). In the cast also Paola Tiziana Cruciani, Gianni Ferreri, Valentina Correani, Elisa Di Eusanio, Corrado Fortuna, Emiliano Masala, Alessandro Riceci and with little Caterina Bernardi.

From 25 December at 21.15 exclusively on Sky Cinema Uno and in streaming only on NOW.

Lucky you, the plot of the movie

Marta (Serena Rossi) is a theater director, single and overall satisfied with her life, one step away from the debut of her Hamlet. On her 40th birthday, she receives an unexpected visit: the Archangel Gabriel (Fabio Balsamo), who would like to announce the birth of a son. But she Marta is not sure she wants a child “as a gift” and she asks for time to think about it. Taken aback by this request, forced to stay on Earth longer than expected, Gabriele will move into her house and stay with her for the two weeks that Marta will need to understand what she wants for herself and to be happy.

lucky youthe words of director Paola Randi

“When, in the beginning, Lisa Nur Sultan spoke to me about “Blessed are you”, I already found the idea dazzling. A woman who turns forty and sees, in practice, the infamous biological clock materialize before her eyes, as the Archangel Gabriel, he is in itself brilliant.Once reading the script, written by Lisa Nur and Carlotta Corradi and based on the stage play by Luisa Merloni, enthusiasm was skyrocketing.An archetypal fairy tale made up of such characters authentic that anyone can identify with, and which speaks, with grace, irony and lots of fun, about the right of women to choose whether or not to have a child, beyond the social pressures to which we are all subjected. get involved in a project like this: the Italian comedy with a great tradition that finds a contemporary international and metropolitan flavor, sometimes biting, but warm and engaging.Major themes told with lightness and depth at the same time. All in the setting of a glittering Rome. It only remained for me to honor history and transform it into images and heart. This film which also gave me the opportunity to work with a team of exceptional women such as Lisa Nur, Carlotta and Olivia Musini who produce it, and it was also an opportunity for me to collaborate for the first time with Sky with which I wonderfully found. A story like this gave me the opportunity to propose a number of directing and language ideas on which there was great enthusiasm and participation from everyone. A real team effort also as regards the “dream team” of professionals we involved and the splendid cast headed by a wonderful actress, a true champion: Serena Rossi, accompanied by an amazing Fabio Balsamo in the role of the Archangel, surrounded by a large number of fantastic actresses and actors. It was a bit of a magical blend of factors that made this set one of the happiest and happiest I remember and I think it shines through and reflects on the film and loads it with heart and fun. Because as teachers and teachers teach us, comedy sets us free…and happy.