‘Beatles’, the show translated into sign language by Rai Pubblica Utilità

Accessible music for everyone, even for the deaf. The collaboration between the Wmf – We Make Future, the largest Innovation Festival, and Rai Public Utilities – Accessibility Area. For the occasion, the concert of the show will be published on the Wmf channels “Beatles – Four cockroaches in the fabulous sixties”Subtitled and translated into sign language. The musical project, born from the will of the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, already a guest at the Wmf in the last two editions, was carried out live by John Lennon Youth Band, orchestra made up of disabled and able-bodied children, directed by maestro Mirco Besutti, the narrating voice of Luca Violini and the solo voices of Elena Ascari and Annapaola Fresia.

The live performance of the show was held last July on the Wmf Mainstage. From that performance, thanks to the subsequent intervention of Rai Pubblica Utilità, the video product translated into sign language was born, which makes the musical show so accessible. “Wmf has always been committed to activities aimed at breaking down barriers and raising awareness on issues such as accessibility – he explains Cosmano Lombardo, CEO of Search On and creator of the Wmf – The partnership with Rai Pubblica Utilità was born out of a communion of intent to make the contents of the Wmf increasingly inclusive and accessible. The Festival is in fact a tool that aims to build a more inclusive society, truly open to all, also through the use of innovation and digital technology.“.

For Maria Chiara Andriello, Head of the Accessibility Area of ​​the Public Utilities Department of Rai, “making this concert accessible for Rai Pubblica Utilità means helping to spread the message of positive appreciation of differences carried out by the J. Lennon youth band and by Wmf breaking down the communication barriers to convey to everyone, including people with hearing disabilities, the beauty and emotions of rhythms, melodies and words. Let’s go together towards a more inclusive future ”.

“We are very happy with this important recognition – he adds Mirco Besutti, director of the ‘John Lennon’ youth band – why in almost 25 years of activity we have grown precisely in the name of innovation, opening the doors of music to inclusion. Our band, born in 1998, is today a unique experience in Italy due to its socio-cultural value, an extraordinary vehicle for breaking down differences, which leaves no one behind and indeed enhances what everyone can give, according to their own possibility”. Rai Pubblica Utilità also received the Wmf Award – Accessibility, delivered on the mainstage during last July’s edition, for the activities carried out in support of the accessibility of the programs and contents of the network.

For several years, in fact, the Wmf has been addressing the issue of accessibility within its panels and events, thanks also to the intervention of personalities and guests active on the subject, in addition to the speakers of the deaf community. The speeches of the past years of the mainstage have been translated into sign language and from Wmf2021 also the concerts and artistic moments, such as the Roy Paci concert, have seen the translation in Lis thanks to the partnership with Rai Pubblica Utilità.

Music, social innovation and accessibility, from the mixture of these themes the message of social inclusion can start again that Wmf will continue to carry out within its activities and projects through which it aims to build – together with people, companies, institutions and Onp – a better future for all. Themes that will also be addressed during the next edition of the Wmf, scheduled at the Rimini fair on 16, 17 and 18 June 2022.