Beatrice Quinta: “No one wins in love and if I have the choice I’m the one who runs away”

The Handcuffs Of Beatrice Quinta they are sensually romantic! The new single from the great protagonist of X Factor 2022 (WATCH THE SPECIAL) is a song that talks about the irrepressible desire to be together with your partner, letting yourself go to passion and that magnetism that attracts two poles even when they try to move away. The scratchy voice of Beatrice Quinta alternates with the bars of

Villa Bankswhich gives the piece a rap flavor that blends well with the dance and soul

electronics that characterizes it.

Beatrice let’s start from Handcuffs: why is it the single of the autumn and why the feat with Villabanks?

It’s a piece that grew on me a bit, the more I listened to it, the more it was a mix between my sounds and a conscious music that will accompany my next pieces. With Villabanks we address similar topics but with a different language.
You want someone who understands you a little”: is it enough in love or is that a little settling?

A little means that you don’t have to understand but if there is love you absolutely have to try to understand each other.
Are handcuffs today what until some time ago were the padlocks attached to Ponte Milvio and other places in Italy?

It’s a great read, I hadn’t thought of that. As a metaphor entirely, but with handcuffs the issue becomes sexier because they connect to a more erotic and sensual imagery.
In love, the one who runs away wins because it’s more electric to be picked up and let go?
In love no one wins but if I have to choose I run away because I am chronically insecure, I have been left too many times so I run away.
I hate promises because no one knows how to keep them”: do you keep them?

I try, I make an effort, but I’m sincere when I say that I don’t. I don’t want to disappoint because promises create expectations which are a difficult element. We have the ambition to read the promises as we decide and then if they arrive differently we are disappointed.
Do they always write dirty things to you at night?
But maybe. Certainly not from those who don’t know me. However, not in this period but in the past I have received them and I have written about them.
Are mothers always right?

Mine yes. In any type of declination, you have to learn from a mother and trust what she tells you. They do it from experience, they have lived more.
Then someone goes, someone stays”: if today I had to make an emotional assessment, are more those who have gone or who have remained?

Those who remained and I say this with pride. The people I care about have never left. I managed to maintain a very close network of affections.
Advice for those who are doing The X Factor today?

Remember why you chose to do it and think about it before you go on stage. It’s still challenging, when you’re in the whirlwind you have to have willpower. It’s not a mentally easy path, you have to be good at knowing how to manage it.
Is your closet tidy? And which item of clothing takes up the most space? The one you can’t say no to in front of a shop window?
It’s the messiest thing I have. Tricks are the things that take up the most space. And then heels are never enough.
In the end we can say, thinking back to Paulettethat you have stopped pretending to exist and are no longer outside begging for mercy?

Yes. I thought I had it hidden as a piece, it’s old. Sometimes I’m still outside begging for myself. I was, I’m so into my music…I was 16, 17 when I wrote that song. It’s taking care of me, it’s loneliness, it’s begging to have someone; today in writing I talk to myself, and this helps me not to rationalize and fictionalize my thoughts.§
What will happen in the next few weeks? We will have a Showcase Winter Tour?

I’ll be back live soon, but there will also be lots of news between now and Christmas.
And could there be the Sanremo Festival after Christmas?

I’m superstitious and don’t hypothesize anything based on expectations. That said, who doesn’t dream of that stage?