Beatrice Rana enchants Santa Cecilia with a concert Clara Schumann: “I feel her very close”

On the podium Antonio Pappano in the piece never performed before at the Academy. Music by Schubert and Robert Schumann will also be on the program

“I feel very close to the figure of Clara Schumann, I was born in a family of musicians, I started my career very young, I studied composition and my approach was that of a pianist, i.e. that of a person who was used to spending a lot of time on the piano keyboard and the songs I wrote they were the fruit of a piano instinct. Obviously I don’t dare to compare myself to Clara, but in certain parts of her concert I recognize myself for that adolescent verve which is a bit the figure of this work “. Beatrice Rana thus tells Adnkronos his approach to Piano Concerto in A minor by Clara Wieck Schumann, who performed in the symphonic season of theAcademy of Santa Cecilia (Thursday 3 with reruns on Friday 4 November and tonight at 6 pm, Sala Santa Cecilia of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome), with Antonio Pappano on the podium of the Santa Cecilia Orchestra. Absolute first performance in the Academy concert program.

A concert “technically very difficult“, explains the pianist from Salento who at only 29 is already one international star. Pupil of Benedetto Lupo and already winner of several awards, in Santa Cecilia she literally has enchanted the audience which in the end he paid her cheers and applause interminable, after an impeccable performance of the concert, written by Clara Schumann between 1833 and 1834 (first performance in Leipzig in 1835 under the direction of Felix Mendelssohn), i.e. when the future wife of Robert Schumann he was 15 years old. A work that is greatly affected by the influence of Frédéric Chopinbut what amazes for theformal originality, for the relationship between instrument and orchestra and for the virtuosity required of the performer. After all, Clara Wieck was an extraordinary pianist, as well as a musician and cultural popularizer at 360 degrees.

“This concert – explains Beatrice Rana – dispels the idea that the pieces written by female composers are salottieri and convivialit’s a piece of fire which challenges the pianist and the relationship between the instrument and the orchestra. It is not a female concertwhatever this adjective means nowadays “, underlines the pianist from Salento who confesses that she has always been” fascinated by the figure of Clara Wieck, since I was a teenager and I read avidly i Schumann house diaries“. And he makes it clear that the idea of ​​proposing this concert” was born from a request for a tour in Europe in which I should have played both Clara and Robert. I welcomed it very willingly, because I wanted to challenge myself in a repertoire that I was not used to doing and above all which is not in the ears nor in the hands of many musiciansand then I also proposed it to Santa Cecilia “.

Before the Clara Schumann concert, Pappano raised his wand on the symphony n. 8 in B minor ‘Unfinished‘ from Franz Schubertwhile in the second part he dealt with the second symphony by Robert Schumann, an author with whom the Anglo-Italian conductor has more than thirty years of familiarity and whose second and fourth symphony he recorded for Warner with the Santa Cecilia Orchestra. Long applause at the end of the concert which will be repeated at 6pm today.

(from Goofy Orlando)