Beatrice Valli in swimsuit: The added accessory makes the beach look crazy

Beatrice Valli in costume is beautiful, for the beach look she added an accessory that made it even more original.

When we met Beatrice Valli she was very young, he was just 19 years old and participated in Men and Women. She was the choice of Marco Fantini, who had become her husband a few weeks ago.

Beatrice Valli, costume (credits: instagram)

Beatrice had two daughters from the former tronista, Bianca and Azzurra, while the eldest son was born from a previous relationship. Maria De Filippi’s program certainly gave her the opportunity to make herself known and appreciated a lot. After the end of her path, also on her social networks, her number of followers has grown impressively. She today she is a very famous influencer. She interacts a lot with those who follow her, she shows her everyday life in her stories, what she does with her children, the products she uses, she talks about business trips and always shows the looks she is wearing. flaunts for all occasions.

In some old stories he showed the nail polish used, simple and easy to replicate, have you seen that? She used a nude color for the base, orange on the side and often central and pink on the side, almost forming a wavy stripe. The manicure has caught attention but her recent beach look is also very popular with followers. She sported a zebra swimsuit and added an accessory that made the style crazy.

Beatrice Valli sports a zebra swimsuit and adds an accessory that makes the beach look crazy

A few weeks ago there was the beautiful wedding between Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini. For the occasion, the influencer wore a fairytale dress, with a wide neckline and the skirt that went down soft and swollen and the same elegance we noticed in Marco.

For the evening Beatrice changed her style and wore a more sensual and tight dress. The ceremony was resumed on social media at the moment but was later also broadcast on Real Time. The former suitor of Men and Women after her experience in the program has come a long way and today everyone knows her. She in particular she is famous on social networks. She interacts with those who follow her showing moments of her everyday life, she talks about her family by showing herself with them and naturally also tells about her work. In the last few days she has been relaxing by the sea, how do we know? On her instagram channel she shared a series of shots in which she shows the beautiful places she visited and all the looks she wore. She caught the eye of the beautiful zebra costume she sported while she was on the boat. Beatrice added an accessory that everyone will have noticed:

beatrice valli costume
Beatrice in costume (credits. Instagram

Have you seen it? The influencer wore a simple but very nice zebra bikini and added some sort of necklace that goes around the belly. With this accessory the beach look is crazy.