Beautiful, a shocking hypothesis makes fans tremble: terrible anticipation

Beautiful, a shocking hypothesis makes fans tremble: the terrible anticipation on the American soap opera.

Maybe not everyone knows, but among the American episodes of Beautiful and the broadcast in Italy spend several months. Thanks to the previews, however, it is possible to find out in advance what is happening to the Forresters and companies overseas. And nothing good is happening these days!

Brooke Logan (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

A ‘clue’ leaked in the last few episodes literally made the fans tremble, who fear the worst for one of the absolute protagonists of the soap. Yes, we are talking about Brooke Logan, for years involved in a turbulent but intense love story with Ridge Forrester. This time, however, the sentimental events have nothing to do with it … For Brooke it could be coming really terrible news. Let’s find out all the details of the spoiler.

Beautiful, terrible anticipation: the clue that worries viewers

The historic, beloved, love triangle of Beautiful is back in America! Who are we talking about? Of Ridge- Brooke- Taylor! The latter, in fact, has returned to Los Angeles to be close to her children Steffy and Thomas, but, inevitably, she will also be in contact with her ex-husband Ridge. A situation that Brooke will not like at all… and she has every reason for it! Between Ridge and Taylor there will be several moments of newfound passion, but that’s not what we want to talk about today.

As reported by Gossip and TV, in the episode aired in America on September 19, something happened that made viewers anxious. During a chat with her daughter Hope, Brooke will receive a notification on your mobile. Ridge’s message or call? Far from it. Logan explains to her daughter that this is a reminder to remind her of one medical examination to which he must undergo. The woman adds that she must, in fact, make checks. What is it about? The public has advanced several hypotheses and there have been the saddest ones.

Why would the writers decide to include this notification detail? For many it could be the very beginning of a new storyline that is not exactly happy for Brooke. The woman will he have to face any delicate health problems? We repeat that, at the moment, there is no official news or anticipation, but only simple suppositions of the fans, following the strange message received from Brooke on her cellphone.

beautiful terrible anticipation
Brooke in Beautiful (Credits Mediaset Play)

We just have to wait for the next episodes to find out if the hypotheses of the viewers will prove to be correct or if, behind that notification, there is another mysterious reason. Recall that Brooke, played by the wonderful Katherine Kally Lang, is the only character with Eric to be present in the soap from the very first day. We are talking about March 1987, when the first American episode of the soap aired. You were already following Beautiful 35 years ago?