Beautiful advances: Sheila is Finn’s mom, but who is his real father?

Beautiful advances: Sheila is Finn’s mom, but who is his real father? Incredible background.

A real bomb has exploded at Villa Forrester. Although in Beautiful often something or someone interrupts the wedding ceremonies, no one could imagine that Finn and Steffy’s wedding would turn into a real nightmare.

Sheila and Finn (Credits Mediaset Play)

One of the most ruthless foes of the Forresters, Sheila Carter, she returned to the scene and did so with a shocking truth to reveal: she is Finn’s biological mother. No one among the wedding guests could believe it: for everyone, this was the umpteenth lie of Carter. To confirm her version, however, it was Jack Finnegan, the adoptive father of the doctor, who revealed that he received a call from Sheila several years ago. What will happen now? A really tough period is about to begin for Steffy and company. Waiting to discover everything in detail, we take away a succulent curiosity. If Sheila is Finn’s real mother and Jack and Li are her adoptive parents, who is his real father? If you are not afraid of spoilers and want to know the preview answer, read on.

Beautiful, Sheila is Finn’s biological mother: the truth about the doctor’s father

Sheila Carter has fallen into the Forrester life like a bolt from the blue. The woman is repentant for all the crimes committed in the past and she promises to be a new person, completely different. Too bad no one will believe her and, of course, Steffy will be against allowing Sheila to be a part of her life and that of her loved ones. Forrester absolutely does not want the woman to get close to little Hayes, nor to Finn: but what does the latter want?

Despite realizing that Sheila hurt Steffy’s family, Finn can’t shut the door on what turned out to be. his real mom. The doctor would like to give the woman a chance, but he will have to deal with Steffy, who will give everything to prevent it. A real never-ending struggle will arise between the two women, which, unfortunately, will lead to a drama. But, these days, everyone is wondering: if Sheila is Finn’s real mom, who is her biological dad?

Well, another sensational secret is about to be revealed in Los Angeles. The hypotheses on the true identity of Finn’s father are many: there are also those who thought that the doctor could be the son of Eric Forrester. The truth, however, is that Finn is Jack’s son! That’s right, man noHe is not the doctor’s adoptive father, but his real father. But why did Jack decide not to tell the truth and to raise the baby with Li, posing as her adoptive parent? There is a sensational reason behind it.

Apparently, in fact, Jack had an extra-marital relationship with Sheila when he was already married to Li. A relationship from which, in fact, Finn was born. At the time, however, Jack decided to remove the baby from Sheila, not believing she would be able to raise the baby. Too bad, however, that after so many years the woman has returned, more aggressive than ever. And Sheila will be the protagonist of blackmail against Jack: with the promise not to reveal anything about paternity, the woman will force Jack to organize meetings with little Hayes. Meetings that Steffy absolutely does not want to grant …

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Jack Finnegan (Credits Mediaset Play)

What will happen when the whole truth comes out? We just have to wait for the next episodes to discover all the news of this interesting storyline!