Beautiful, after Quinn comes a new love for Carter: you would never guess who it is!

Beautiful, after Quinn comes a new love for Carter: you would never guess who he is; the previews of the soap opera.

He has been in the soap for several years, but for a few months he has become the absolute protagonist of Beautiful. Let’s talk about him, Carter Walton, lawyer for the Forresters and, in particular, a great friend of Ridge. At least until he started a relationship with his father’s wife …

Carter in Beautiful (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

In the episodes currently airing in Italy, the betrayal between Carter and Quinn came out thanks to Brooke Logan, who wasted no time in telling Eric everything, to prevent him from renewing his promises with Fuller. What Italian viewers do not imagine, however, is that Another woman is about to enter Carter’s life... You would never guess who it is, but we know it very well. If you don’t fear spoilers, keep reading!

New love for Carter after the story with Quinn: shocking twist to Beautiful

It all came to light in Los Angeles: Eric Forrester discovered that his wife Quinn had cheated on him. And not with anybody but with Carter Walton, the man he trusted blindly. What will happen now? As we have already vito, the patriarch of the Forresters will kick his wife out of the house, also ousting her from the company. But at Beautiful, you know, nothing is as it seems.

After a period of separation, Eric and Quinn decide to give a new chance to marriage, although the feelings between the woman and the handsome Carter did not seem completely faded. At that point, however, Carter will only have to turn the page and he will do it with a new love. Who’s gonna steal the lawyer’s heart? Just her, Paris Buckingham, his former sister-in-law. Yes, because Paris and Zoe’s sister, who, as you all remember, has been linked to Carter and almost on the verge of marrying him. As you may have guessed, the story between Carter and Zoe will definitely shipwreck after the designer discovers the liason with Quinn. A betrayal that Zoe will not be able to overcome, to the point that she will decide to leave the city forever: with her, even the actress who lends her the face of her will leave the soap opera. But what will happen between Paris and Carter?

The two will live a full-fledged love story, not a simple adventure. To such an extent that the couple will decide to get married! But, as has often happened to Beautiful for 35 years, something unexpected will happen during the ceremony, which will not allow the bride and groom to say yes. Are you curious to find out what will happen?

beautiful new love carter
Paris Buckingham (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Yes, Quinn, after discovering Eric’s betrayal with Donna, will understand that she loves Carter and will do anything to get him back! Will he succeed? We will find out together later!