Beautiful, American advances: Brooke’s shock confession, Ridge can’t believe it

Beautiful, American advances: Brooke’s shock confession, Ridge can’t believe it; what will happen in the next episodes.

As is known, among the American episodes of Beautiful and the broadcast in Italy spend several months. But if you are not afraid of spoilers and are curious to find out what happened in the American episodes aired these days, you are in the right place! It was a crackling New Year, where everything really happened …

Beautiful, American advances: Brooke’s shock confession, Ridge can’t believe it; (Source Instagram)

Especially a Brooke Logan, which will be in a very special situation. A situation from which he will not be able to get out … He will necessarily have to talk about it with Ridge and confess what happened… Even if it will omit a fundamental detail. Let’s find out what happened!

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American anticipations, Beautiful: Brooke Logan’s shock confession arrives, how will Ridge react?

A new twist is about to hit Beautiful’s most famous couple! Let’s talk about the “Bridge”, the legendary Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester. In the episodes broadcast in Italy, the couple has found serenity after the chaos of the fake marriage with Shauna, but in the USA new problems are falling on the couple. In particular on Brooke, who will face a real drama: she will be tempted by alcohol again!

Logan has already had a dark time with this in the past addiction, which is returning to threaten her. In reality, it all started from a terrible trap set by Sheila Carter: the woman replaced a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne (bought by Brooke) with a classic and therefore alcoholic version. Sheila’s goal is to get the woman drunk and throw her into the arms of Deacon Sharpe. That’s just what will happen: after losing her clarity, Logan will spend the night with Deacon!

Panicking, Brooke will reveal what happened to Ridge, but beware: Logan will talk to her husband about her drinking, not what happened with Deacon!

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Ridge, shocked and sorry for the news, will show his solidarity with his wife, offering to help her not to fall back into the alcohol tunnel. But will Ridge be so understanding even when he finds out about the betrayal? A betrayal that, among other things, was discovered by someone who saw Brooke and Deacon kissing… We’ll see some good ones!