Beautiful American advances: shocking twist, chilling turn

Beautiful American advances: unexpected twist for one of the protagonists of the soap; something unthinkable will happen.

The plot of Beautiful becomes more and more interesting and the merit is also of the clamorous returns on stage in recent months. From Sheila to Deacon Sharpe up to her, the unforgettable Taylor Hayes, which appeared in the Italian episodes just a few days ago. Ridge’s ex-wife has landed back in Los Angeles and, as you can imagine, she’s wreaking havoc on viewers’ lives.

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In the episodes aired in Italy, the psychiatrist has just returned, but everything has already happened in America! As we know, several months pass between the American episodes and the airing in our country. And, just in the last American episodes, it happened something really shocking.

A secret, kept silent for years and years, suddenly popped up, upsetting the lives of the protagonists. In particular, one of the main characters, who could get into serious trouble. If you don’t fear spoilers, read on!

Beautiful American advances: shock twist, Bill and Liam have something to do with it

The return of Taylor Hayes marks a turning point in the soap opera The Beautiful. The doctor is one of Brooke’s historical enemies: for years the two ‘rivals’ have been contending for Ridge Forrester’s heart and we can anticipate that it will happen again! But beware! After an initial rivalry, between the two will be born an unlikely friendship… The reason?

Beautiful Anticipations, what will happen between Bill and Liam
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The two rivals will find themselves united against each other a common enemy, Sheila Carter! As we know, Sheila will do anything to thwart her enemies, first of all Steffy and Thomas. To defend the latter, of course, the mother Taylor, but on Sheila’s side another iconic character will take sides: Bill Spencer.

The tycoon will side openly with Carter, even going so far as to go against Steffy and blackmail Taylor! Longtime fans will recall that Hayes has a terrible secret, one that Bill hasn’t disclosed: the doctor tried to kill Spencer, shooting him. Now Spencer is using this very secret to convince Taylor not to report Sheila, but be warned: in this mysterious secret Liam might be involved too! How? The previews of the latest American episodes speak of an unexpected twist that concerns Bill and Liam.

Apparently, behind the closeness between Spencer and Sheila there could be Bill’s desire to protect his son. “A turning point in the soap”SoapDirt reads: what is it about? The shocking hypothesis could concern Bill’s murder: What if it wasn’t Taylor but Liam who shot? Bill may have decided to keep quiet to protect his son, who in turn would have been covered up by Taylor in the past. We just have to wait to find out more but one thing is certain: we will see some good ones!