Beautiful anticipations, a shock audio appears: terrible discovery for the Forresters

Beautiful anticipations, a shock audio appears: terrible discovery for the Forresters; twist in the soap opera of Canale 5.

In the episodes of Beautiful currently on air in Italy, we have witnessed a few days of lightheartedness and serenity, thanks to the marriage of Finn and Steffy. Too bad, though, that Sheila Carter literally destroyed everything.

Ridge and Brooke (Credits Mediaset Play)

It will be the beginning of a very dark period for the Forrester family, in particular for Steffy and Finn, who will have to deal with the newcomer and with her demands. This, however, will not be the only obstacle for the protagonists of the soap. Something truly shocking will happen soon and today we are able to give you a few more details. We have already told you about the new diatribe that will arise between Brooke and Thomasafter the latter asks for custody of little Douglas … Well, check an unmistakable audio that gets Logan in trouble! If you are not afraid of spoilers and are curious to find out what is happening in the American episodes, read on.

Beautiful, an audio by Brooke shocks everyone: shocking twist

Social workers arrive at Beautiful. We told you about Thomas and his desire to live with little Douglas: the Forrester will no longer be satisfied with a few visits over the week, but will want to become a more present father. Too bad, however, that there are those who do not consider him at all a reliable parent able to look after a child. Yes, let’s talk about Brooke, who never had great sympathy for the boy. Reason why she, very often, she also clashed with her husband Ridge, who is Thomas’s father. But let’s come to today and to the fact that, on Thomas’s door, the social workers knocked. Who called them?

For Thomas there is no doubt, it was Brooke, but the latter firmly denied it, even with Ridge. Ridge has no reason not to believe the woman he loves, but it gets complicated when, through a friend who works in social workers, the Forresters manage to trace a important phone call. This is really Thomas’ report to the social workers and guess what? The voice in the audio is Brooke’s!

Ridge will be absolutely shocked by the discovery, as he never imagined his wife could lie to him about such a sensitive subject. The consequence? The stylist will fly to Aspen, where his ex-wife Taylor is waiting for him… A joy for Thomas and Steffy, who will do everything possible to rekindle the spark between their parents. But is Brooke really guilty?

At Beautiful, you know, the twists are never lacking, and even this time there could be a sensational implication. As TV Soap reports, someone could have frame the Logan right through that audio. Audio that could have been created with a voice-editing app! Not surprisingly, in fact, a few episodes before the discovery of the audio, there will be a scene in which Douglas will play with an application capable of imitating the voices … simulate Brooke’s voice and, therefore, stage the phone call to social services? At the moment, we repeat, it is a simple hypothesis, but it could turn out to be more than real …

beautiful audio
Thomas Forrester (Credits Mediaset Play)

It would remain to be understood, at that point, who framed Brooke. Is it really about Thomas or will there be a less obvious twist? What is certain is that Ridge, at least initially, will move away from Logan and Taylor could take advantage of it … If you are curious to find out in advance everything that is happening in the American episodes and the previews in detail, keep following us.