Beautiful anticipations, Brooke in trouble: Ridge sees something too much

Beautiful anticipations, Brooke in trouble: Ridge sees something too much; what will happen in the next episodes of the soap opera.

Twists to no end a Beautiful. In the episodes currently airing in Italy, everything is happening, but the advances coming from America are truly shocking.

Ridge and Brooke (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

As we all know, several months pass between the American episodes and the broadcast in our country. If you are not afraid of spoilers and are curious to find out what happens, you are in the right place! In particular, there is one succulent anticipation which concerns one of the historical couples of the soap, the ‘Bridge’. What’s happening to Ridge and Brooke? The latter will be caught at a very specific time …

Beautiful anticipations, bad news for Brooke: the discovery of Ridge

We have seen endless love stories at Beautiful, but the couple par excellence will always remain the one formed by Ridge and Brooke. A couple who have lived through ups and downs, push and pull, marriages and separations, but who, in the end, find themselves together. In the Italian episodes, the designer and Logan are together, but soon they will find themselves facing new obstacles.

We have already told you about Brooke’s betrayal, who will spend New Year’s Eve with Deacon Sharpe. In reality, Logan will be the victim of a Sheila Carter trap, which will make sure to get the woman drunk, to shove her into the arms of her ex. Between Brooke and Deacon, however, there will be no more than a kiss and when Ridge discovers Sheila’s evil plan, she decides to forgive half of her. Unfortunately, however, the Forrester will have to deal with a new discovery concerning his fascinating companion.

As the previews of the latest American episodes reveal, Ridge will open Brooke’s door just as the latter is hugging Bill Spencer! No betrayal, this time: Bill will confide in Brooke about his love problems and the desire to win his sister Katie again. Exchanging advice, however, the two exes recalled the moments spent together, letting themselves go to a gesture of affection. A gesture that Ridge did not like, who does not appreciate the closeness between Brooke and Bill at all, just as she does not appreciate the one with Deacon. In these moments, Ridge thinks of Taylor’s words about the Logan’s unreliability… What will Ridge decide to do?

beautiful advances ridge brooke
Brooke and Bill (Instagram Credits)

We remember, in fact, that Taylor Hayes is back in Los Angeles and that with Ridge there was a passionate kiss. Will the designer continue his marriage to Brooke or, as Steffy and Thomas would like, give Taylor a new chance? Yes, the hottest triangle of the soap, the one formed by Ridge, Brooke and Taylor has reformed! Who will win between the two women?