Beautiful anticipations, he wakes up in bed with a perfect stranger: shock twist

Beautiful anticipations, he wakes up in bed with a perfect stranger: shock plot in the next episodes of the soap.

Twists are the order of the day in Beautiful. Italian viewers know something about it, who, in the episodes currently on the air, have witnessed some truly shocking discoveries. From Brooke’s revelation of Quinn and Carter’s betrayal to the truth about Vinny’s death… did that end there? The answer is absolutely no.

Beautiful (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Even in the episodes broadcast in America (which we will see in our country in a few months) everything is happening! New characters have rocked the lives of the characters and, for some, a bitter discovery is on the way. Someone who he will wake up in bed with a woman he does not recognize… And that she will prove to be a great enemy. If you are not afraid of spoilers, we will tell you everything!

Beautiful, wakes up and finds himself in bed with a woman he does not know: shock advances

In Italy it is about to return to the scene in the coming weeks, but in America it has already made several troubles. Let’s talk about one of the most ruthless characters in the history of Beautiful, which has returned to the soap in the past few months. Back to literally ruin the lives of some of the show’s protagonists… Who is the feared enemy of the Forresters who will reappear?

Just her, Sheila Carter, who turns out to be Finn’s biological mom. The woman will cause incredible suffering to the Forresters, even going so far as to kill her son. The doctor, thankfully, isn’t really dead, but Sheila won’t stop and will continue to hit everyone with evil plans. The last is to play dead after a bear attack! To make it all believable, Carter will come to amputate a finger, to have it found next to her car and stage her death. And speaking of finger, here’s the twist!

In order not to be recognized, Sheila will adopt a disguise, with a red wig and silicone mask. With its new look will seduce Deacon Sharpe by sleeping with him! When he wakes up, Deacon does not remember anything of the woman he has at his side, since he had been drinking .. One detail, however, will allow him to make a shocking discovery. That’s right, Deacon will see the missing toe on the foot of the woman and will understand that Sheila is alive and well… and she is in her bed!

The woman will continue to lay down the law, blackmailing Deacon and forcing him to let her live in his home. Of course, Sharpe won’t have to tell anyone about her presence. But how far will ruthless Sheila escape the police?

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Sheila Carter (Credits Instagram Twittami Beautiful)

The previews reveal that soon someone could find her at Deacon’s house … Will it really be like this? Continue to follow us for all the news and previews of Beautiful!