Beautiful anticipations, Hope on a rampage: the fault of Steffy and Thomas

Beautiful anticipations, Hope on a rampage: Steffy and Thomas’ fault; what will happen in the next episodes of the soap.

In the episodes of Beautiful currently on air in Italy everything is happening, but hold on tight: sensational twists are on the way. Several months pass between the American episodes and the broadcast in our country, but thanks to the previews we can find out in advance what is happening.

Hope Logan (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

In particular, something sensational is about to happen concerning the young Hope Logan, increasingly central to the plot of the soap opera. Brooke’s daughter will go on a rampage when she finds out what Steffy and Thomas are up to. The two Forrester brothers will implement a real plan, with a very specific purpose, but Hope won’t like it at all. If you are not afraid of spoilers and are curious to find out what it is, read on!

Beautiful anticipations, the plan of Steffy and Thomas will not please Hope

Thomas Forrester has regained the trust of Hope and, even, of the Spencers, after the gesture that allowed Liam to get out of prison. Ridge’s son revealed the truth about Vinny’s death to the police, allowing the Spencers to return to the wild. But soon Thomas will once again come into conflict with Hope… And for several reasons.

We have already talked about the new diatribe for Douglas custody: Thomas, in fact, will expect to spend more time with his son and a real battle with Hope and his family will arise. But that is not all. Hope will completely lose her temper when he finds out what Steffy and Thomas did. The two brothers, in fact, will join forces for destroy the marriage between Brooke and Ridge and allow the latter to reconcile with Taylor, their mother. The latter will return to Los Angeles and for Steffy and Thomas it is the right time to reunite the family. Apparently, the brothers are willing to do anything to sabotage the story between Brooke and Ridge, and when Hope finds out, she goes on a rampage.

Young Logan does not accept what Steffy and Thomas are planning and, inevitably, new conflicts will arise between them. How will this story end? What is certain is that, beyond the various supporters of one or the other relationship, Ridge will have to make the choice of her: save the marriage with Hope or try again with Taylor?

beautiful anticipations hope
Steffy Forrester (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

The designer will be faced with a decision that will change the lives of the protagonists forever. What is certain is that, after years, the love triangle most loved by viewers returns to Beautiful, the one formed by Ridge and the two most important women in her life. Who will win?