Beautiful anticipations, Liam ends up in prison: who will get him out? An unthinkable name

Beautiful anticipations, Liam ends up in prison: do you know who will get him out? An unthinkable name; what will happen in the next episodes of the soap.

Here we are! After weeks of anxiety and distress, Liam he brought out the whole truth. Young Spencer failed to keep the secret and revealed what happened to Vinny to his wife Hope.

Liam Spencer (Credits Mediaset Play)

An accident, but that Bill Spencer wanted to cover up, to prevent his son from ending up in prison on charges of voluntarily killing Walker. Unfortunately, however, Liam’s fate will be just that: he will soon end up in prison. But there will be a twist that will leave everyone speechless. If you are not afraid of spoilers, read on to find out all the previews.

Beautiful anticipations, who will help Liam get out of jail? Unexpected twist

Despite Bill’s recommendations, Liam quit: Hope knows that he was the one who ran over and caused Vinny Walker’s death. A truth that young Spencer will not only tell his wife. Bill won’t be able to stop his son from turning himself in and confess everything to the police too. The consequences will be inevitable: father and son will be arrested immediately. But at Beautiful, you know, the twists are always around the corner and soon something shocking will happen.

Liam is one of the absolute protagonists of the soap and certainly will not be able to stay behind bars for long. What will happen or rather who will help him out? Well, just his number one rival, Thomas Forrester. Ridge’s son will accidentally discover the puzzling truth about his best friend’s death: Vinny committed suicide by voluntarily throwing himself into the car Liam drove. Thomas will come into possession of a video in which Vinny admits that he wants to follow Liam in the car, to then give life to the clash. An insane plan, which, like the falsified test, had a purpose: Vinny wanted to help Thomas ‘take out’ Liam, to get the green light with Hope.

Thomas is upset but has no doubts about what to do: it will be him, in the company of Hope, to bring the video to Baker, to prove the Spencers’ innocence. Who will still have to pay a fine and give up their driving license, but it is nothing compared to prison and distance from their loved ones. Liam will then finally be able to embrace his Hope again and will have to thank him, Thomas, who has been sworn in for several years.

beautiful liam prison
Thomas Forrester (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Although Vinny’s gestures were for Thomas’ sake, Thomas was absolutely ignorant of everything. Will it really be the end of the Liam – Hope – Thomas ‘triangle’ and the beginning of happiness for the couple? If I were you I would not hope for much … At Beautiful problems and unforeseen events are the order of the day! Follow us for all the previews.