Beautiful Anticipations, Ridge will have to make a drastic decision: it will change everything

Beautiful Anticipations, Ridge Forrester will have to make a drastic decision: it will change everything in the next episodes of the soap.

Twists never fail a Beautiful. The soap opera has been keeping company with audiences around the world for 35 years, narrating the stories of the legendary Forrester family. And, among the absolute protagonists of the series, since the first episode there is him, Ridge Forrester.

Ridge Forrester (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Since 2012, the famous designer has been interpreted by Thorsten Kaye, who replaced the historian Ronn Moss. And, as always, Ridge is at the center of the soap’s plot, especially when it comes to his love affair. At the moment, in the episodes currently aired in Italy, the designer is alongside Brooke Logan, his great love. Soon, however, something shocking will happen and the Forrester will find himself in front of a difficult crossroads. If you are not afraid of spoilers and want to find out what it is, you are in the right place!

Beautiful anticipations, Ridge Forrester’s decision on his future

Ridge Forrester is, from the very first episode, one of the main characters of Beautiful. And, for 35 years, his sentimental stories have fascinated viewers all over the world. Her great love has always been Brooke Logan, but soap fans could never forget the other woman in Ridge’s life. Yes, let’s talk about Taylor Hayes, mom of Steffy and Thomas. The woman was named in recent Italian episodes: Steffy and Finn, in fact, decided to name their own child Hayes, in honor of her grandmother. But where is grandma?

Well, Taylor is about to make her return to Los Angeles! And, although she initially made it clear that she did not want to interfere in the marriage between Ridge and Brooke, the most famous triangle in the history of Beautiful will soon be born again! Ridge and Taylor, in fact, will get closer and closer when the designer makes a shocking discovery about Brooke. The latter, in fact, will let herself go in the arms of his ex, Deacon Sharpe (yes, he too will soon return to the soap!) and between the two there will also be a kiss. What Ridge doesn’t know is that behind the ‘betrayal’ is Sheila Carter’s hand, who will literally get Brooke drunk into spending the night with Deacon.

Ridge, however, does not know all this and when he sees his wife getting closer to Deacon he will let himself go in turn to the newfound passion with his ex, Taylor. Between the latter and Ridge there will be a passionate kiss! To the delight of Steffy and Thomas, who, not very covertly, are cheering for the return of the flame between their parents: for them, Taylor has always been the right woman for Ridge. At this point, thoughwhat will Ridge decide to do?

beautiful anticipations ridge
Ridge and Taylor (Instagram Credits)

Will the designer decide to recover his marriage to Brooke or will he start a new relationship with Taylor? Keep following us to find out more.