Beautiful anticipations, someone spies on Finn: who is it? Terrible twist

Beautiful anticipations, someone spies on Finn: who is it? Terrible twist in the Canale 5 soap opera.

There is an air of celebration in the Forrester house! In the episode of Beautiful aired today, Friday 30 September, Steffy and Finn have finally communicated the wonderful news to their parents: they are about to get married!

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With the arrival of Finn’s (adoptive) parents in town, Steffy has left all doubts behind and the doctor has also lifted a heavy burden. Everything seems to be really ready for the big day, but the future spouses don’t know that a terrible twist is upon us. While everyone rejoiced in the Forrester offices, she was framed for a few minutes a mysterious figure, who, via the PC, discovered the upcoming wedding of Ridge’s daughter to the doctor. The person at the pc did zoom right on the face of the future groom… Who is it and what does he want from Finn? If you want to find out, keep reading!

Beautiful anticipations, who is the person who is spying on Finn?

Just when everything seems to be going well, something dramatic happens in Beautiful. Soap viewers know this very well and will soon see it again. The wedding between Steffy and Finn, in fact, will turn into a real nightmare. Fault of someone who, suddenly, will interrupt the ceremony, revealing a disconcerting truth. This is the person we saw in the episode aired today on Canale 5, or rather whose hands we have only seen.

Yes, because just a few seconds after the ‘Sinn’ posted on social media the announcement of their wedding, someone saw the image on their pc. Someone who, judging by the few images, is particularly interested in Finn … But who is it? A few days ago we discovered that the doctor has been adopted and that, therefore, Jack Finnegan and Li are not his biological parents. He is right there to search for Finn nowto his real mother. Which, unfortunately, we know very well.

The mysterious man is, in reality, a woman and is one of the historical enemies of the Forrester family, Sheila Carter. The latter is Finn’s biological mom and will reveal it right in the middle of the wedding ceremony, ruining the party for everyone. A truth that will panic everyone, especially Steffy, who will be terrified of having Sheila close to her family, after all the harm she has done to her loved ones.

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Sheila Carter (Instagram Credits)

Too bad, however, that Sheila has returned precisely to recover the relationship with her son and to meet little Hayes, who is in effect her grandson. A real battle will arise between the two women, which, unfortunately, will end very badly … Continue to follow us for all the previews.