Beautiful anticipations, Steffy will flee to Europe: that’s where he will discover something shocking!

Beautiful anticipations, Steffy will flee to Europe: it is there that he will discover something shocking; what will happen in the next episodes of the soap.

For a few episodes, in Italy, Steffy Forrester is slightly hidden in the storyline of Beautiful. Soon, however, Ridge’s daughter will once again be the absolute protagonist.

Steffy in Beautiful (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

And, for her, there will be surprises. Many of which, unfortunately, will not be positive. We were left at the Finn’s wedding proposal who, having ascertained that he was the father of the child Steffy is expecting, asked the young designer to become his wife. When will we see the ceremony on the air? It’s not long … But, right after the wedding, there will be incredible twists for Steffy, who will arrive at escape to Europe to forget everything that happened … If you are curious to find out what will happen and do not fear spoilers, read on.

Beautiful anticipations: Steffy Forrester will flee to Europe and will discover that….

Wedding with surprise, for Steffy and Finn. We have already spoken to you several times about the return to Beautiful of Sheila Carter, that in the course of the marriage she will reveal that she is Finn’s biological mother. It is the beginning of the end for the couple, who will find in Sheila a bitter enemy: in reality, the woman wants to establish a relationship with Finn, but to do so she will have to kill Steffy … From there the shooting, during which he will be shot by mistake Finn, who will shield his wife and get the bullet fired by Sheila. What will happen?

We already know that Finn will be considered dead by everyone, but he is actually alive: he is secretly caring for him foster mom Li, which led him to a secret room. We have also already told you about Li’s dramatic accident, who, at least as far as is known at the moment, should have lost his life. Finn is left alone with Sheila, but will he be able to escape? And above all, what happened to Steffy?

Well, this is the twist we are going to tell you about today! After finding out that Finn is dead, Steffy fled to Europe, to start a new life and forget the drama. But Forrester doesn’t know that the man she loves is actually still alive! How will she find out? According to her rumors, she will be right in Europe that the ‘reunion’ between the two lovers will take place. Finn will manage to escape from Sheila and reach his beloved, but not without difficulty. We know Carter very well and are confident that she will do everything to prevent the couple from reuniting.

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Finn in Beautiful (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

We just have to wait for the next episodes to find out all the upcoming news and how Steffy will react to the sight of her still alive love! It will be a great emotion, don’t you think too?