Beautiful anticipations, twist between Carter and Quinn: what no one imagines will happen

Beautiful anticipations, twist between Carter and Quinn: what no one imagines will happen between the two lovers.

They are the great protagonists of the last weeks of Beautiful. Let’s talk about Quinn Fuller and Carter Waltonwho let themselves go to passion, spending more than one night together.

Carter and Quinn (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

All beautiful, except that she is married to Eric Forrester, Carter’s employer and great friend, like all the Forresters. Not forgetting Zoe, whose relationship with Carter had ended a few days ago. What will happen now? At the moment, the two have decided to leave behind what happened and not to reveal it to anyone. Too bad, however, that Paris has already found out everything: will he reveal it to his sister Paris? If you are curious to find out everything that will happen to this clandestine couple, you are in the right place!

Beautiful anticipations, is it really over between Quinn and Carter?

A clandestine couple, an impossible love, but loved by the fans. American viewers are crazy about the ‘Quarter’, will it be the same for those of our country? At the moment, in the Italian episodes, Quinn and Carter they decided to put an end to their short but intense flirtation and to recover their respective relationships, with Eric and Zoe. The truth, however, will soon come out.

After Zoe, Brooke will find out too and Ridge’s wife won’t keep her mouth shut. The bomb will explode and really everything will happen. Eric will initially kick Quinn out, but, in the end, the calm will return between the two. What will become of Carter? The unthinkable will happen. After discovering her story with Quinn, Zoe decides to leave the lawyer and leave town forever (the actress leaves the soap). Thus, Zoe’s sister Paris will end up in Carter’s heart! The two will start a very intense relationship, which will result in a marriage proposal. But that’s not all ..

On the other hand, Quinn and Eric will have new problems and, this time, the fault of the Forrester patriarchs. After Fuller, in fact, Eric will be cheating on Quinn and not with any woman but with an old flame of her, Logan woman! When Quinn finds out, she realizes she doesn’t want to miss the chance to be with the only man she really loves, which is Carter. It will be at this point that Fuller will decide to race against time for interrupt the wedding between Carter and Paris! Yes, because in the meantime the charming lawyer is about to get married with the designer.

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Quinn and Carter (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Fuller will be able to reach the place of the ceremony before the bride and groom say yes. What will Carter’s choice be? Will she marry Paris or will she realize that he is still tied to Quinn too? Keep following us for all the previews.