Beautiful anticipations, what will Bill do when he finds out that Justin has cheated on him? Shock twist

Beautiful anticipations, what will Bill do when he finds out that Justin has cheated on him? Shocking twist in the next episodes of the soap.

Tension rises a Beautiful! In the episodes of the soap currently airing in Italy, everything is happening, both for the Forrester family and the Spencers. Eric just found out all about the relationship between his wife Quinn and Carter, and also for Liam and Bill it’s not a good time.

Bill and Justin (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

The two are still in prison and the fault lies only with Justin Barber. Bill’s right-hand man, as well as his lawyer, is doing everything he can to not get the Spencers out of jail. Including kidnapping Thomas, the one who found evidence to exonerate father and son. A betrayal that no one expected, that of Justin, but what will Bill do when he learns of his lawyer’s plan? Many are asking and today we will give you the answer.

Beautiful anticipations, Justin betrays Bill: how will Spencer react?

The confrontation is in the air. The Italian viewers of Beautiful know that there is very little to a face to face that they will not easily forget. What are we talking about? Of what will soon happen between Bill Spencer and Justin Barber. The tycoon doesn’t explain why his lawyer isn’t doing his best to get him and Liam out of jail, but he can’t imagine what’s going on either. Justin, in fact, has no intention of freeing his assisted him, of which he instead wants to take revenge!

After years in his service, getting him out of trouble, Justin has decided to rebel against ‘Dollar Bill’ and his plan has a very specific purpose: take over Spencer Publications. To do this, of course, the lawyer has no interest in letting the Spencers go free. Too bad, however, that Thomas arrived to get in the way of his plans. But What will happen when Bill finds out the whole truth?

Well, we have already anticipated that finding Thomas locked in a basement of the Spencer will take care of Hope Logan. Brooke’s daughter will unmask Justin and, inevitably, everything will come to Bill’s ears too. What will be literally enraged with what he believed to be a great friend of his, as well as his lawyer. At that point Spencer will have no other choice: Justin will be kicked out immediately, both from Spencer Publications and from Bill’s life. End of a relationship of trust that has been going on for years and years! But will Justin leave the soap?

beautiful previews bill justin
Bill Spencer (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

We just have to wait to find out what the future of the character will be, played by Aaron D. Spears. What is certain is that, at least for the moment, he will do well to stay away from the mythical Dollar Bill!