Beautiful Anticipazioni: by mistake he will shoot his son, terrible twist

Beautiful Anticipazioni: by mistake he will shoot his son, a terrible twist in the next episodes of the soap opera.

The twists, in Beautiful, never fail. In the episodes currently airing in Italy, everything is really happening, but hold on tight: this is just the beginning. As we know, several months pass between the American episodes and the broadcast in our country, but the previews are never lacking. If you are not afraid of spoilers and are curious to find out what will happen, read on!

Beautiful Anticipazioni: by mistake he will shoot his son, a terrible twist in the next episodes (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Well, soon something really terrible will happen in Los Angeles. A real family drama, which will take place between some of the absolute protagonists of the American soap opera. With the intent of hitting another person, someone will end up shoot your own childreducing him to death … Let’s find out the details of this sensational twist.

Beautiful, American anticipations: someone will shoot his son, dramatic twist

In the episodes aired in America, at the center of the plot is Brooke’s sensational betrayal of Ridge, which took place during New Year’s Eve. The woman has let herself go in the arms of her ex Deacon Sharpe, but not everyone knows she is there the hand of Sheila Carter. The latter made Brooke get drunk and spend time with Deacon. A diabolical plan that, after a while, will come out: to discover everything will be Steffy Forrester!

Relations between Steffy and Sheila were already more than tense, ever since Carter’s arrival during Forrester’s wedding: it was on that occasion that Sheila revealed that she was Finn’s biological mother! And the disagreements between the two women are rekindled right after Steffy’s discovery, which she realizes that Sheila hasn’t changed at all and is still the ruthless woman capable of anything to get what he wants.

Sheila and Steffy will come to a hard fight, during which very harsh words will fly: the young Forrester is sure she wants to tell the truth to everyone and not to allow Sheila to be part of their lives in any way. How did Sheila react? With extreme anger, to the point of take out a gun and point it at Steffy! Just when he pulls the trigger though, Finn will take care of Steffy as a shield: the doctor will be injured.

sheila carter
Sheila Carter in Beautiful (Credits Instagram)

Finn will lose a lot of blood, but Sheila forces Steffy not to call for help… how will it end? Will Finn be able to save himself or will his death be the big twist that has been talked about in recent weeks? We just have to wait for the next episodes to find out all the news.