Beautiful, bad news alarms soap opera fans

Beautiful, the very bad news alarms fans of the American soap opera: what happened and why viewers are worried.

Endless twists and turns in the episodes of Beautiful currently on air in Italy. After days of indecision, Liam decided to confess everything to the police and was arrested for the murder of Vinny Walker.

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He won’t be alone, because his father Bill Spencer will admit he’s involved and end up behind bars with his beloved son. What will become of them? We will find out soon. In the meantime, there is a news that has not just alarmed the fans of the American soap opera. And that is not about the plot … What happened? We tell you everything.

Bad news for fans of Beautiful: the clue makes viewers tremble

Maybe not everyone knows, but Beautiful has been company with the public for 35 years. The first ever episode of the soap aired in America in March 1987. In Italy, the television series landed on the small screen a few years later, in 1990. 35 years of intrigue, surprises and twists, which will keep us company at least until 2024: the US CBS soap was indeed renewed for another two seasons. In the last few hours, however, unexpected news has arrived that has worried viewers.

A news that does not directly concern the soap opera that tells the story of the Forresters, but another historic American television series. Let’s talk about Days of Our Lives longer than Beautiful: the soap was born in 1965 and continues to thrill viewers. Which, however, they will no longer be able to follow her on NBC. The soap, in fact, has moved from the network to the platform streaming Peacock, after more than 14,000 episodes aired on TV. A epochal changewhich was not taken well by viewers, accustomed to following the soap on television.

A news that, inevitably, also makes the fans of Beautiful tremble: after the closure of Neightbors, the ‘transfer’ of Days of our lives on streaming, where it will be available with a new episode every day. Will changes also come for the soap opera centered on the Forrester family affairs? This, in fact, could be a sort of ‘test’, which could lead the way for a new way to follow soap operas, especially those so long-lived. We just have to wait for any updates and, in the meantime, enjoy the twists coming to Beautiful. Do you know who is about to return to the scene?

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As the American previews reveal, several historical characters are about to return to the soap, ready to become protagonists again. From Sheila Carter to Deacon Sharpe, from Ridge’s ex-wife Taylor Hayes to Bridget Forrester… we’ll see some good ones! Appointment every day from about 13.40, on Canale 5.