Beautiful, bad news coming for Katie: hard blow

Beautiful, bad news coming for Katie: hard blow for the protagonist of the soap opera.

Maybe not everyone knows, but Katie Logan is one of the first characters to appear on stage in the first episode of Beautifulback in March 1987. To play the role of Brooke’s sister, however, there was another actress and not the current one: Heather Tom joined the soap cast only in 2007. But what can we expect for sweet Katie in the next months?

Katie Logan (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

At the moment, in the Italian episodes, Logan is not very present in the plot of the soap. We saw her struggling with an intimate dialogue with her sister Donna and, a few episodes ago, in a meeting in prison with Bill Spencer. Are there any nice surprises coming up for Logan? Unfortunately this is not the case… Here is what the advances from America reveal to us.

Bad news for Beautiful’s Katie Logan: change everything for the most beautiful

New love coming for Katie Logan? Brooke’s sister has been linked to in recent years Bill Spencer, who she married and with whom she had little William. Their love story, then, was wrecked, but a good relationship remained between the two, especially for the sake of their child. Between two Could there be a flashback?

According to what is learned from America, Bill will do everything to win back Logan. The tycoon plans to recover his marriage and give Will family peace of mind. What will Katie decide to do? Initially, Logan appears to be trying to get back in the game with Bill, but there is another ‘option’ as well. The American advances speak of an increasingly intense closeness between Katie and Carter! The two will find themselves confiding in their respective situations: the lawyer is disappointed with how it ended with Quinn, while Katie is grappling with the troubled relationship with Bill.

In short, will a strong understanding arise between the two, which could turn into something more? Well, the answer is no. Apparently, the initial idea of ​​the writers to give birth to something between Katie and Carter has been shelved: the couple, evidently, did not work, but for Carter there is already a new love on the horizon. The Forrester lawyer, in fact, will start a story with a character we know very well… It is Paris Buckingham, sister of his ex-girlfriend Zoe! Now we just have to find out what Katie’s future love will be, after the love affair with Carter is ‘over’ even before starting …

beautiful bad news katie
Katie in Beautiful (Credits Mediaset Play)

Will sweet Logan be able to find serenity with Bill Spencer or will she turn the page once and for all? For all the previews and updates on the soap, keep following us.