Beautiful even without a veil of makeup, remember how it was at Miss Italy? He was only 18 years old: unbelievable

Do you remember how Francesca Chillemi was at Miss Italy in 2003? She was only 18 years old: you will be truly speechless when you see her.

It was exactly the year 2003 when, barely eighteen, the splendid model triumphed on the stage of Salsomaggiore Terme. Since that time, 18 years have passed and he has come a long way. To date, she boasts an incredible career and impressive beauty. Are you curious, however, to know what it was like in the years of his victory?

How was Francesca Chillemi at Miss Italy? Photo Source: Instagram

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During these 74 editions of Miss Italy we had the opportunity to meet many queens. Among the different who took turns on the Salsomaggiore Terme stage and who wore headband, crowns and scepter, we can’t help but forget about her: Francesca Chillemi! Among the youngest of all the beauty contest, the splendid Sicilian managed to beat the ‘competition’. And to obtain the title of the most beautiful in Italy. After that moment, the Sicilian rode the crest of the wave. Currently, a successful actress, the splendid Francesca boasts a truly sensational following. Do you, however, remember how it was in the days of Miss Italy? We think about it immediately.

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What was Francesca Chillemi like at Miss Italia in 2003? Here it is, incredible!

There is absolutely nothing to say: among the many Miss Italy who won the famous beauty contest and who triumphed on the Salsomaggiore Terme stage, Francesca Chillemi is among the most beautiful ever. Just think, she looks gorgeous even without a veil of makeup. And the photograph shown above demonstrates this in a loud voice.

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Having ascertained that, to date, Francesca Chillemi boasts of an impressive career and incredible success, are you curious to see her at her very beginning? It’s been 18 years since your victory at Miss Italy, but what was it like in those years? Recently of age, Chillemi has impressed everyone with her soap and water beauty and all of the South. Are you ready to admire it too? Here she is.

Francesca Chillemi Miss Italy
Photo Source: Youtube

In short, what to say? Absolutely nothing! Whether she’s just started on the small screen or with an incredible career behind her, Francesca Chillemi is always gorgeous. Do you agree with us?