Beautiful previews: why doesn’t Finn want to introduce his parents to Steffy?

Beautiful anticipations: because Finn doesn’t want to introduce his parents to Steffy; what the doctor hides.

After years of back and forth and love triangles, Steffy Forrester found true love. The protagonist of Beautiful she is happily engaged with Finn, initially his doctor became his half. The love story between the two is going well and the big step is getting closer: wedding on the way?

Finn in Beautiful (Credits Mediaset Play)

To make the proposal, a few months ago, it was Finn, kneeling in front of his woman after discovering that he was the father of the child that Steffy was carrying. Son who was born just in the course of a few episodes ago, to the great joy for the couple. And to reopen the wedding discourse, now, it is Steffy, who feels ready to join for life with the man who gave her back her smile, but on one condition. Young Forrester he wants to meet his in-laws on the occasion of the wedding, so as to know more about the origins and the family of her future husband. Too bad, though, that Finn looks downright upset when Steffy names her parents and expresses a desire to meet them. What’s the reason? What is Finn hiding about his family? We tell you everything.

Beautiful, here’s what Finn hides about his parents

Steffy wants to marry her great love Finn, but not without knowing her family. As she confided to Dad Ridge, Forrester trusts her partner, but she doesn’t know much about him, especially when it comes to her family. Why didn’t the doctor ever want to introduce his parents to Steffy?

Well, in the next few episodes, a secret will come out that Finn has been keeping inside for quite some time and that he has never told his future wife. Before getting married, however, the doctor decides to tell Steffy the whole truth. Just as she is about to do it, however, she will knock on the door Jack Finnegan, Finn’s father, who arrived in town to meet his daughter-in-law and his grandson Hayes. The man announces that his wife Li would arrive shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, Jack learns that Finn has not yet revealed the whole truth to Steffy, but soon after, the doctor will spill the beans. What is it about?

Finn was adopted. A truth the doctor wanted to keep to himself, but Steffy won’t blame him for it. Indeed, she will hug her partner, reaffirming her love for her. Finn will reveal to Forrester that he always wanted know the identity of his biological mother, who at the moment does not know … The feeling, however, is that Jack know a lot more about the matter! If you are not afraid of spoilers and are curious to know more, read on.

beautiful finn parents
Steffy and Finn (Credits Mediaset Play)

Finn’s biological mother will show up in surprise at her wedding and, for the couple, it will be the beginning of a dark period. Yes, because the doctor is the son of one of the most ruthless enemies of the Forrester family, Sheila Carter! The woman has been in a relationship with Jack Finnegan in the past, who is Finn’s real father. The latter, however, has never revealed the truth to Finn, who will find out right in the middle of his marriage. A big party that will turn into a nightmare: Steffy will be shocked to see Sheila among her family, after all the harm she did to the Forresters. And, unfortunately, Carter will still cause a lot of suffering to the protagonists of the soap: to get what she wants she will be willing to do anything.