Beautiful, remember the ‘old’ Hope? She was playing Brooke’s daughter

Beautiful, remember the ‘old’ Hope? It was she who played Brooke Logan’s daughter before the current actress.

She is one of the absolute protagonists of the soap opera Beautiful: not surprisingly she is the daughter of the legendary Brooke Logan. Let’s talk about her, Hope Logan, joined the soap when she was a child. Today she is a strong and determined woman and she represents one of the central characters in the plot of the TV series.

Hope Logan (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Absolute protagonist of the infinite love triangle with Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester, Hope was born out of a passionate relationship between Brooke and Deacon Sharpe. The two indulged in passion just as Sharpe was tied to Brooke’s other daughter, Bridget Forrester. One of the most shocking betrayals in the history of the soap! Unlike many protagonists of the soap, however, Hope has quite clear ideas regarding her love life: in her heart there is only Liam. Will their marriage have a happy ending?

Waiting to find out, let’s take a dip in the past and remember the ‘old’ Hope Logan. Yes, because today the young designer is interpreted by the beautiful Annika Noelle, but it wasn’t always like that. The introduction of the character came in 2002 and we saw several child actresses on stage, including twins Rachel and Amanda Pace. When Hope grew up, though, her role was filled by another actress, who was part of the cast of the soap from 2010 to 2016. Do you remember her? We show it to you!

Remember the ‘old’ actress who played Hope Logan in Beautiful?

Annika Noelle is the beautiful actress who, since 2018, plays the role of Hope Logan. Brooke and Deacon’s daughter, in recent years, she has become the absolute star of the soap, mainly due to her complicated love affair with Liam. The ‘fanstasma’ of the ex Steffy Forrester is always in ambush for her: the young Spencer has betrayed Logan several times, but, at least for the moment, he is always back with her. Attentive fans, however, will know that, as has happened to so many saop characters, Hope has also changed face over the years. Remember who was there before the arrival of the Noelle?

Well, to take on the role of Logan was the splendid Kim Matula, American actress, born in 1988. After joining the cast in 2010, she was a regular presence until 2016, although she has only had brief appearances in recent years. In 2018, Hope returned as a regular on the soap, as Annika. And speaking of faces, the two actresses look very much alike. Here is a picture of the ‘old’ Hope Logan:

beautiful remember hope
The ‘old’ Hope (Youtube credits)

Oh yes, they look like two drops of water! The new Hope has kept the blonde hair and light eyes, typical characteristics of Logans: Hope, in fact, also incredibly resembles her mother Brooke her. A ‘recast’ among the most famous in the history of Beautiful: did you remember who the ‘ex’ Hope Logan was?

The most famous recasts of Beautiful

Hope Logan’s was just one of many recasts in the history of Beautiful. In fact, there are so many characters who have changed actors over the years, first of all Ridge. Historian Ronn Moss was replaced by Thorsten Kaye about ten years ago after 25 years. But many other characters have also changed, such as Thomas, Thorne and Bridget. And, very soon, we will see a new, sensational change. Another historic protagonist of the show will return to the scene, but with a different face. This is Taylor Hayes, Ridge’s ex-wife, who will no longer be played by Hunter Tylo. Instead of her will come Krista Allen, who wore several wigs for the occasion. The only ones present since the first episode, broadcast in 1987, and who have never changed their face are Eric and Brooke, played by John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang.