Beautiful, upcoming drama for Steffy: a real endless nightmare

Beautiful, upcoming drama for Steffy: a real endless nightmare for the young Forrester.

For some years she has been one of the absolute protagonists of Beautiful. Strong and determined like her mom Taylor, Steffy Forrester it is increasingly central to American soap opera. For her, however, unpleasant surprises are on the way.

Steffy Forrester (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

In the episodes currently airing in Italy, Ridge’s daughter has just given birth to little Hayes and is delighted with Finn. The two are planning their wedding, but soon it will break down a real storm on them. An endless nightmare for the couple: when it all seemed over, here’s what happened.

Beautiful, Steffy will find herself experiencing a drama: bad surprise for her

After the birth of little Hayes, Steffy and Finn are ready to get married. Young Forrester has found her soul mate after her endless push and pull with Liam and, now, she is ready to become his wife. What Steffy doesn’t know, though, is that her wedding day will be the beginning of a real nightmare for her. Yes, because what turns out to be Finn’s biological mother will be revealed during the ceremony.

Let’s talk about Sheila Carter, one of the historical enemies of the Forresters, who will return to Los Angeles and, as always, will bring suffering to the protagonists. We have already told you about the shooting where Finn risked losing his life and everything that will happen next, but what is happening now in the American episodes of the soap?

Well, Steffy and Finn are finally reunited, after for several months everyone believed that the doctor was dead. Everything seems to be going well when the news of the disappearance of Sheila, who died after a bear attack, arrived. Unfortunately, however, with Carter nothing is as it seems. The woman faked his death and, unfortunately for the Forresters, he’s still on the loose! After fooling Deacon with her disguise, Sheila (with mask and wig) sneaks into Steffy’s house! And when no one can see her, she also picks up little Hayes, who is her nephew to all intents and purposes. A disturbing scene, but, at least for the moment, the two lovers will not notice the intrusion. Except for one small detail …

In the images posted on the official page of the TV series, we see Finn becoming suspicious when he sees the little Hayes plush far from the cradle. How did it get there?

beautiful drama steffy
Sheila Carter (Instagram Credits)

Something tells us that Sheila will get closer and closer to the ‘Sinn’ family: will she manage not to be discovered and therefore not end up in prison for her crimes? Keep following us for all the previews of the next episodes.