Because Belen Rodriguez was not present at Le Iene

Belen Rodriguez absent from Le Iene, the presenter worries the fans: why was she not present in the episode? Explained the reason

In the last episode of Hyenas aired on Tuesday March 14thabsence Of Belen Rodríguez in the Mediaset studios it certainly did not go unnoticed. The presenter, as many have been able to see, never appeared during the episode. Many of us wondered why Rodriguez wasn’t in the studio conducting Reservoir Dogs.

Belen Rodriguez absent from Le Iene – Credits: Instagram (

As we have seen, the presenter has been alone in conducting Le Iene for some time. The conductor Teo Mammucari has given up the reins of management. The reasons for this exit from the scene were not disclosed. There was talk of a possible quarrel with Davide Parenti, however explanations in this regard have not arrived.

Similarly, not seeing Belen in the studio led fans to wonder what had happened. The fans were also suspicious of Belen’s strange absence from social networks. Usually, in the hours preceding the Tuesday episode, the presenter shares Instagram Stories in which she shows small behind-the-scenes details, so as to create a little curiosity. Well, in the previous hours Belen Rodríguez she also said she was absent from social media. But why?

Belen Rodriguez absent from Le Iene: who took the place of the presenter

Belen Rodriguez did not host the episode of Le Iene aired last night. The reasons for his absence, however, are different from those that led Teo Mammucari away from Le Iene. The reason for his absence was soon explained and we were all able to breathe a sigh of relief. The actor took over the reins of management Claudius Santamaria who from the very first minutes of the episode clarified why Belen was not in the studio.

claudio santamaria the hyenas
Claudio Santamaria replaces Belen Rodriguez in Le Iene: the reason – Credits: Instagram (

The most attentive will have noticed that I am not Belen Rodriguez and that she is not next to me. There is a reason. Belen Rodriguez was not well, she is watching us from home and we send her a hug“: explained the actor in the Mediaset studios. In short, that of Belen Rodriguez from Le Iene is a temporary absence dictated by a very short period of convalescence. We will therefore see the beautiful Argentine again at the helm of the management of Le Iene in the next episodes.