Because the stock exchanges are now less afraid of the Omicron variant: the graph

Both Wall Street and the European stock exchanges have now recovered the levels of the end of November, when the news of the discovery of the Omicron variant was spread. After not a little scaring the markets, now it seems that concerns have returned to others. WATCH THE VIDEO

November and December were characterized by very high stock market volatility. The uncertainty was driven by news about the Omicron variant, first considered a serious danger due to the possibility that it could render immune protection from vaccines useless, and then less severe than the Delta. The trend of the markets followed the alternation of news, with important fluctuations above all for the securities of the airlines and those linked to the tourism sector.

Lately, the view that the Omicron variant, although much more contagious, still cannot escape vaccines has prevailed. And the stock exchanges have essentially recovered the accumulated losses.

Matteo Gallone, financial analyst, commented on the changes in the last few weeks on Sky TG24 Business. Watch his speech in the video.

Retrieve below the entire episode, in which they were also guests Manuela Donghi (Le Fonti tv) e Paolo Ciocca (BNL BNP Paribas group)