BeComE, from Orange Flag villages to energy communities

The Italian Touring Club adheres to the Legambiente, Kyoto Club and Azzero CO2 project

From excellent villages certified with the Orange Flag a energy communities. The Italian Touring Club, which for 24 years has been selecting and certifying with the Orange Flag the small villages of the hinterland, with less than 15 thousand excellent inhabitants, joins BeComE, the Legambiente, Kyoto Club and Azzero CO2 project that aims to make small municipalities protagonists of the energy transition.

The opportunity is represented by the 2.2 billion euros that the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) allocates to centers with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants to establish Renewable Energy Communities (Cer): the aim of the joint initiative is to encourage their participatory construction in the territories.

The BeComE project, which will last for the whole of 2022, is divided into a widespread information campaign on the theme of energy communities, in training activities and assistance to Municipalities, in the development of experiments in the territories.

“The revolution of energy communities can invest small Italian municipalities with the role of protagonists, if the resources of the NRP are channeled in the best possible way: it is an opportunity to accelerate in terms of renewables and free ourselves from energy dependence from abroad. At the same time, a concrete possibility to make these centers the driving force of an ecological transition necessary for the country system, with benefits not only for the environment, but also for the tourist and socio-cultural development of the territories involved “, declares the national president of Legambiente, Stefano Ciafani.

“In the midst of a dramatic crisis linked to the continuing conflict in Ukraine, it is increasingly evident how much climate emergency and energy dependence are interrelated and how the answer to both issues can only be renewables – declares Francesco Ferrante, vice president of the Kyoto Club – In this context, energy communities are the future that becomes present, an extraordinary opportunity for the territories “.

The Italian Touring Club has devised an analysis model (Territorial Analysis Model, Mat Touring), applied throughout Italy. Through a specific work program, the ICT raises awareness of inland territories for tourist hospitality, rewards the most deserving localities and through improvement plans also accompanies other villages towards raising the quality of the offer. “Our goal has always been to offer continuous support to small towns in the hinterland, accompanying them in the local development process, without limiting ourselves to promoting their excellence – says Franco Iseppi, president of the Italian Touring Club – Hence our commitment to provide adequate information tools so that they can take up the challenge of the energy transition, for example through the opportunity offered by the tool of energy communities “.