Beef – The Clash, 5 things to know about the Netflix TV series

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Great expectations on the new Netflix series Beef – The Clashsigned by the showrunner Lee Sung Jin, who has managed to create a production that perfectly combines comedic and dramatic elements. A 10-episode miniseries, in which a simple fight on the street becomes an opportunity to unleash a rage that has been repressed for years. A feeling that the protagonists Amy Lau (Ali Wong) and Danny Cho (Steven Yeun) have accumulated over time, trying to survive their existential crises.

Five things to know about the series

An outstanding cast

Beef – The Clash not only does it have an incredible script, but it also boasts an outstanding cast. Ali Wongformerly known for stand-up comedians by Don Wong, Hard Knock Wife And baby cobras, shows a more serious side to her acting skills in the series, playing the role of Amy, a disaffected businesswoman desperate for a break. Next to her, however, Steven Yeun – already known for his roles in Minari.e The Walking Dead – showcases his hitherto untapped comedic talent.

An Emmy-nominated showrunner

Lee Sung Jin’s career certainly has no secrets. Co-Executive Producer and Series Writer such as Dave, Tuca & Bertie And girl bossJin has also contributed to the writing of notable comedy series such as Silicon Valley And 2 Broken Girls. Beef is the latest production in which the Korean writer combines compelling dialogues And extravagant plots in a truly memorable show. Not surprisingly, Jin was recently announced as a writer on the upcoming Thunderbolts of Marvel.

A plot inspired by reality

The entire series, as the name suggests, originates from a road accident in which the two protagonists are involved. According to Lee Sung Jin, Beef it is vaguely based on a traffic accident in which he was involved. Similarly to the show, in fact, a white SUV would have been involved.

A look at American society

As it is structured, Beef – The Clash gives viewers a perfect cross-section of American societymade up of many small communities that have kept their customs and traditions almost intact, despite living in a broad context such as that of the United States.

The geometric construct of the plot

A perfectly constructed story: this is the secret of Jin’s production, who managed to build a plot characterized by a geometric movement studied in detail. It all begins with the two protagonists, Amy and Danny, who meet, and then continue on two parallel tracks, collide ferociously, move away again and then reunite in an incredible ending.