Beer, Agronetwork: “If taken consciously sustainable for our organic system”

Sara Farnetti, speaking on the sidelines of the event to present the eighth research conducted by Nomisma for Osservatorio Birra and Agronetwork

“From Nomisma’s research for the Birra Observatory it emerges that beer, used intelligently, is sustainable for our body-system. The data collected show, in fact, that consumption by Italians is a conscious and intelligent type of consumption , as they use it during the meal”. These are the words of the president of the Agronetwork association for agro-industry, Sara Farnetti, who spoke on the sidelines of the presentation event of the eighth research conducted by Nomisma for Osservatorio Birra and Agronetwork regarding the hitherto invisible impact of beer on our agri-food sector, which demonstrated how beer consumed in bars and restaurants is a fundamental driving force for the Italian agri-food chain and the excellence of Made in Italy.

In order for beer to bring a sustainable benefit to human health, in addition to conscious consumption, continues the president: “It is essential to hire quality beer, where the ingredients can be traced: the ingredients we use to make beer, in fact, at starting from the water to go through the hops and the flavonoids it contains, can also be useful for our well-being”.

Sustainability, the one described by Farnetti, which also embraces the environment: “The agri-food chain certainly benefits from the production of beer, but we can be sustainable both for the environment and for our body-system by consuming it consciously and favoring a quality supply chain, because only a quality product managed in an organized and pertinent way can also be beneficial for our organic system”.

Beer is therefore confirmed as a decisive driving force for the share of agri-food consumption on the go which, according to Nomisma/Istat estimates, is worth 89.7 billion euros in 2022. An out-of-home experience which, reveals the Osservatorio Birra/Agronetwork study, is increasingly linked to Italian raw materials, food products and quality drinks, local or linked to the territory: “Beer must be associated with proteins – says the president of Agronetwork – in this way it is more functional for our well-being. It is also true that beer is not bad for the fermentation components, such as yeasts or beer foam, which many think are responsible for the swelling it causes. On the contrary , the foam is a plus in this context, because inside it there are more alpha hydroxy acids, proteins and useful components such as essential oils, which are very good for our system”.

“My advice – concludes Farnetti – is to associate a bitter glass of beer with a fish soup, where bitterness plays a functional role in our well-being.