Before Masterchef he was a radiology technician: what happened next he would never have imagined

Before participating in Masterchef he was a radiology technician: what happened after the program he would not have imagined.

Maybe not everyone believes it, but that’s it: Masterchef really changes your life! In fact, there are many protagonists who have taken part in it over the years who have completely revolutionized their days immediately after. An example is the very young Simone Scipioni, winner of the seventh edition, but also the good Davide.

Here it is today after Masterchef. Credits: Instagram

Davide Aviano, as well as Kateryna and Ludovica, was one of the undisputed protagonists of the seventh season of Masterchef. Becoming known by the four ‘feared’ judges for his passion for cooking, the thirty-six year old from Varese easily got everyone in agreement, managing to win fourth place.

At the time of Masterchef, Davide Aviano was a radiology technician with an incredible passion for cooking. To date, however, how has his life changed? After the famous Sky program, has the amateur cook managed to make his dream come true or does he continue to do his usual job? Let’s find out together!

Before Masterchef he was a radiology technician, but what does he do now? He would never have said that

Many times we have happened to tell you about those Masterchef competitors who, after taking part in the program, completely revolutionize their lives. On several occasions, in fact, the passion for cooking has been so prevalent that they could not help but pursue their dream. Have you seen, for example, what happened to Guido D’Eramo, competitor of the second edition of the show? A story very similar to this is precisely that of Davide Aviano, an amateur cook of the seventh season.

At the time of its entry into the kitchens of Masterchef, Davide Aviano had confessed to the four judges that he was a radiology technician, but to have a strong passion for cooking. What happened, then, once I got the white apron? Well, really everything! Episode after episode, the 36-year-old managed to amaze those who had bet on her from the beginning, even managing to win fourth place in the standings. Between pressure tests, external tests, mystery boxes and invention tests, the good Aviano confirmed what he said at the selections, leaving everyone speechless every time. Of course, there have been some small accidents along the way, but in any case Davide’s cuisine has left a great memory. Are you curious to know, however, how his life has changed today? Tracing him on Instagram, we discovered that after Masterchef everything was revolutionized! His passion for cooking, in fact, continues to be enormous enough to make it a real job. On his bio, therefore, we read that Davide is the chef at a ‘historic’ restaurant in the center of Varese.

radiology technician masterchef
Davide today. Credits: Instagram

In short, her participation will not have earned her the victory, but her life has changed it radically. We take this opportunity to wish Davide and his future a big good luck.