Before Vite al confine he risked dying: how are you today? You won’t be pleased to know

Before taking part in Lives a Limit, he really risked dying: how are you today after the program? You won’t be pleased to know.

Many patients have alternated during these ten editions of Lives on the Limit, yet the large audience of the program has grown fond of each of them. Many, for example, were curious to know something more about the young Mike – which we talked about in our very recent article – but just as many are those who ask for some information on the very young Isaac.

He risked dying before Lives on the edge: how he is today. Credits: Discovery

Among the youngest patients of Dr. Nowzaradan, there is just him: Isaac Martinez, protagonist of the eighth season of Vite al Limite. He was only 23 at the time of his participation in the program, yet his situation was quite dire. With a weight that reached 300 kg, the young Martinez said he had reached those extra kilos due to his family situation. Very close to her mother, Isaac said he took care of her when he found out she was sick and vented all her pain in her food. How has it become today after Vite al Limite? Before participating in the docu-reality he has risked dying, but what do we know about him today?

He risked dying: what happened to Isaac today after Lives at the Limit?

To the cameras of Lives on the Limit, Isaac Martinez not only couldn’t help but explain his story and the reason for his extra pounds, but he also said he had risked dying. Due to a very serious infection, the young man’s health conditions were rather compromising. And this, therefore, prompted him to ask the surgeon for help. How was his path? Really amazing! Although the young Martinez did not lose a lot of kilos – unlike Zsalynn – Dr. Nowzaradan was equally impressed by his constancy, so much so that he still allowed the surgery.

At the end of the course, Isaac Martinez lost exactly 55 kg, but to date we don’t know how many there are. It would seem, in fact, that the young man has completely closed his social profiles, not leaking any news about him. A truly unpleasant news, as you can clearly understand, and that will not please many, especially if you consider that many were fond of him.

How can one endanger one’s life?

This is the question that, without a doubt, we have all asked ourselves: how do you have the courage to put your life in danger? Unfortunately, this is the typical attitude of someone who is not aware of what he is doing. Over the course of the various editions of Vite al Limite, we have seen with our own eyes how many people are used to finding their best friend in food, regardless of the complications that obesity entails.

risked dying lives to the limit
Isaac of Vite al Limite. Credits: Discovery

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