Before Vite al Limite it weighed almost 3 quintals, sensational! Like today? A very unpleasant discovery

Before participating in Vite al Limite his weight reached almost 3 quintals, really sensational! How has it become today? A very unpleasant discovery.

Among the different stories that have alternated during the fourth season of Lives on the Limit, the Real Time audience couldn’t help but get attached to this one of our protagonist of today. Not only, then, Nikki’s transformation left everyone shocked, but that of the 32-year-old from Oregon was no less impressive.

Lives to the limit first. Credits: Discovery

When the sweet 32-year-old went to Dr. Nowzaradan’s ‘court’ at his clinic in Houston, she couldn’t help but tell the surgeon that she desperately needs help. Her weight almost reached 3 quintals and her extra pounds did not allow her to lead a normal life. How had she managed to achieve that result? On the television cameras, the woman told that she began to have this attachment to food when she was the victim of violence as a child. The trauma was so severe that Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient began to find her only comfort in her junk food. But when she realized she was too young to ruin her life, she wanted to ask someone to help her. How was her journey? And how has she become today?

A Vite al Limite with 3 quintals, how has it become today? You will not be pleased

He had a very serious intention of getting back in shape which is why he chose to turn to Lives on the Limit, but no one would have ever imagined the results obtained thanks to Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet. She joined his patients with a weight that reached almost 3 quintals, the patient of the Iranian surgeon immediately committed herself, managing to record truly impressive results. We are talking about Brittani Fulfer, protagonist of the second episode of Vite al Limite during its fourth edition.

Thanks to the diet imposed by Dr. Nowzaradan and her perseverance, in fact, Brittani Fulfer left the Houston clinic with 100 kg less, satisfying the doctor’s expectations. What happened next? On the web, we read that the beautiful Brittani has continued to lose weight a lot and that, even, she has also tried to have a baby, but with poor results due to the traumas of the past. To date, unfortunately, we do not know how she is and how she became her. Although she is regularly registered on social networks, Fulfer does not like to share shots of herself. This one that we will propose again below, in fact, is dated 2018.

lives to the limit of 3 quintals
Brittani later. Credits: Facebook

Although it is an old shot, you can clearly see how Brittani lost weight after Vite al Limite.