Before Vite al Limite Lucas weighed 280 kg: “I’m desperate”, how did he become after? Nobody would have said that

When he participated in Vite al Limite Lucas weighed 280 kg and was really desperate: seeing him today will leave you speechless, what happened.

A new story of Lives to the Limit entertained his viewers. And, as usual, she was literally amazed by the results obtained. After Bianca and Julian, one of the protagonists of this tenth season of the Real Time docu-reality is him: Lucas.

Lucas a Vite al Limite was 280 kg, how did he become after? Beyond belief! Credits: Discovery

On the show’s cameras, Lucas didn’t hold back from telling his story at all. And in addition to explaining what prompted him to turn to Dr. Nowzaradan, he also told what caused his 280 kg of him. “Food has always been my happy island”, said the young Lucas. Eating, therefore, had become a real anchor to which the young man from Texas clung to to escape from the difficult family situation. The son of separated parents, Lucas said he felt little regarded by his family. And to have seen food as his only refuge. “I was jealous and ate”, he went on to say. Having reached almost 300 kg and unable to carry out any type of activity, the 33-year-old from Texas asked the Iranian surgeon for help. Here’s what happened.

After Vite al Limite Lucas has changed radically! Not only has he lost weight, but …

When Lucas she found out her weight before starting the weight loss program Lives on the Limit, he was completely in shock. The scale, in fact, showed a good 280 kg rounds. It is precisely for this reason that he did not miss the opportunity to respect everything that Dr. Nowzaradan had assigned him. From following a healthy and regulated diet to constant training, Lucas has full respect for everything he had to do. In fact, the results were truly amazing. When he went to the surgeon’s office for a final check-up, the young man discovered that he had lost a total of 67 kg. An incredible achievement, which made even the doctor himself enthusiastic.

At the end of his life on the edge, it would seem that Lucas’s life has changed radically. Not only did he lose nearly 100 kg, but he also got his own job. In short, double victory for him!

Lives to the limit lucas
Credits: Discovery

To date, we don’t know if Lucas underwent the surgery or not! We hope, however, that he has not lost the desire to get back in shape.