Before Vite al Limite she weighed almost 300 kg: today she is enchanting, a real star on Instagram

Before Vite al Limite she weighed almost 300 kg: today she is enchanting, a real star on Instagram, followed by thousands of followers.

A real rebirth that of most of the protagonists of Lives on the edge. The Real Time broadcast shows the weight loss path of some patients suffering from severe forms of obesity: people who, having reached the limit, decide to ask Dr. Nowzaradan for help to change lives. And one of the most shocking transformations is undoubtedly that of Amber.

Before Vite al Limite it weighed almost 300 kg: today it is enchanting, a real star on Instagram (Youtube Credits)

Before arriving at the Houston clinic, the girl it weighed 298 kg and her health conditions were truly dramatic: Amber could not even perform the simplest movements, nor walk or go down the stairs. Thanks to the Vite a Limite path, she took back her life and today she is practically another person. Unrecognizable! Let’s take a look.

Vite al Limite, Amber weighed almost 300 kg before the program: today she is another person

Amber Rachdi was the protagonist of the first episode of the third season of Vite al Limite, broadcast for the first time in 2015. A dramatic story, that of the girl, at the time 23 years old and weighing almost 300 kg: Amber drowned her problems of anxiety in food and the doctors had told her that she would not make it to 30 years. During the twelve months she spent in the Houston clinic, Amber she managed to lose more than 120 kgBut that is not all.

Even after the program, the girl continued to follow a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, losing further weight. Her transformation will blow your mind: Amber looks like another person! And, on social media, he is a real star! Her Instagram channel is followed by ben 234 thousand followers and it also has a blue check! Here is one of the shots shared by her on her profile:

amber lives to the limit
Amber Rachdi on Instagram (Instagram Credits)

Yeah, Amber really looks like another person! Without doubt among the greatest successes of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, the Iranian surgeon protagonist of the show. And you, do you remember his story?