Before Vite alimit it weighed almost 300 kg: today it is a breathtaking beauty!

Before Vite alimit it weighed almost 300 kg: today it is a breathtaking beauty; the patient’s transformation will blow your mind.

Twelve months of treatment in Dr. Nowzaradan’s clinic to try to change his life. This is the content of Lives on the Limit, Italian title of the program My 600 lb Life: the reality show shows the weight loss path of patients suffering from severe forms of obesity.

Sarah from Vite al Limite (Youtube Credits)

Patients who, thanks to a diet first and bariatric surgery later, are also able to obtain incredible results. Among the greatest successes obtained by Dr. Now and his team there is undoubtedly what it concerns young Sarah. When she asked for help from the program, the girl, born in 1992, it weighed a whopping 291 kg: his health conditions were literally ‘borderline’. Thanks to the transmission, however, his life has changed: one transformation that will leave you speechless. Let’s find out what Sarah is like today.

Lives to the limit, Sarah weighed almost 300 kg: today is wonderful, the change

It was the summer of 2018 when the story of Sarah Neeley, in episode number 13 of the sixth season of Vite al Limite. Before receiving help from surgeon Younan Nowzaradan and admitted to the clinic in Houston, the girl originally from the state of Ohio weighed nearly 300 kg. Like almost all patients on the program, Sarah found it in food an outlet for his problems: the father was violent and alcoholic and, clearly, there was no harmony between his parents and in the family. It all got worse when Mom started a life with another man, stopping Sarah’s diet and leaving her ‘free’ to eat without limits.

Despite the suffering and depression, Neeley, however, managed to find the strength to change her life and, thanks to the path in the Texas clinic, lost 113 kg. And, even after the experience in the program, Sarah did not give up and continued to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Today, the girl appears in great shape and more beautiful than ever, as can be seen on its social channels. Here is one of the several shots of Sarah on her Instagram channel:

screw to the limit 300 kg
The transformation of Sarah Neeley (Credits Instagram)

Oh yes, a metamorphosis that leaves you breathless, that of Sarah. Who has found her harmony also from her sentimental point of view: today the girl is happily married with her great love and together they are parents of two beautiful children. On Instagram, Sarah shares several snaps of her beautiful family. A story with a happy ending, that of Sarah, one of the most exciting in the Real Time program. And you, had you followed her path on TV?