Before Vite alimit it weighed almost 300 kg: today it is beautiful and has thousands of followers on Instagram

Before Vite alimit it weighed almost 300 kg: today it is beautiful and has thousands of followers on Instagram; the extraordinary transformation of the patient.

The original title is My 600 lb life, but we all know the program as Lives on the edge. It is the Real Time broadcast that follows the weight loss path of some seriously obese patients, who decide to change their lives by turning to the Houston clinic.

Amber di Vite at the limit (Youtube credits)

Clinic where Dr. Younan Nowzaradan works, a surgeon who personally follows the patients over the months. The path is divided into various phases: it starts with a diet and, when the patient reaches the appropriate weight to undergo the operation, we proceed with the bariatric surgery. The cases that Dr. Now has to deal with are always very delicate: they are people who cannot even walk or go down stairs, due to excessive weight. Among the most shocking stories is the one we are talking about today. A young girl who, before Lives on the edge, weighed almost 300 kg: today is lovely. Let’s find out more.

After Vite al Limite she became a star: shocking change for Amber

We have seen many sensational transformations in the course of Vite al Limite. Among these there is undoubtedly that of Amber Rachdi, one of the patients who remained most impressed in the minds of viewers. Her story was first told in July 2015, in the first episode of the show’s third season. When she showed up on the show, she Amber was only 23 years old but weighed just under 300 kg. Like many patients of Vite al Limite, she found in food an outlet for her problems and a way to escape from reality: Amber suffered from anxiety attacks and he didn’t have a great relationship with his parents.

Her health was literally ‘borderline’, to the point where doctors told her she would die before she was 30. It was at this point that the girl decided to change her life and try to recover. Succeeding great! Thanks to the help of Dr. Now, Amber has lost a lot of weight and, over the years, has come to lose more than 180 kg!

Even after the broadcast, Rachdi continued to follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain her new line. Amber today looks like another person and is a real star on social media: his Instagram channel has 241,000 followers, with whom he shares several shots and moments of his days. Here are some photos published in the last post:

lives to the limit instagram
Amber today (Youtube Credits)

Yeah, Amber is really lovely today. One of the most sensational results among those told by Vite al Limite. And you, have you ever followed her story?