Behind the Canvas, one of the greatest digital works of art unveiled

Awaken the creative flair by involving the social media audience through a unique performance on the web and the creation of one of the greatest digital works. This is the idea behind “Behind the Canvas”, an artistic experiment conceived by the historic gin brand Bombay Sapphire which saw the artist Giuseppe Lo Schiavo and the influencer and creative director Paolo Stella create a collective NFT work. NFTs (i.e. Non Fungible Tokens) are real digital property deeds of a unique asset, whether digital or physical – we have talked about them numerous times on Sky TG24, to learn more we report an episode of Sky TG24 Business and an episode of the podcast 1 2 3 4.

What’s it about

Behind the Canvas is a work born inside an empty room: a metaphysical space entirely colored in blue (the representative color, in fact, of Bombay Sapphire) “which presents arches, windows and openings towards an external world that we cannot grasp but that makes us feel alive ”, explain the organizers. The task of the creators and designers was that – together with the Instagram users – to fill it to make it a true work of art by choosing the walls and design elements that recall the history of English gin: among these imaginary planes, mirrors that overturn, statues. The work was witnessed, they tell us, by 4,000 unique users who interacted with more than 600 comments. The work also involved 250 young creatives from the Communication and Graphic Design and Visual Arts areas of NABA, the New Academy of Fine Arts.

The work and the digital museum

The finished work is kept in a virtual museum accessible to all web users who can explore it and move around in a three-dimensional environment. The work – one of the largest ever made in NFT – consists of 20,000 x 25,000 pixels, and is sold on, an online auction house specializing in Crypto Art, in 20 authentic copies: at the time of writing the value exceeds 16 thousand dollars per copy.