Beijing Express, Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta saved from the black envelope. VIDEO

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The journey started from Awat Awat village, passing through Mari Mar, marks the last stop of Beijing Express in Malaysian Borneo (THE BEIJING SPECIAL EXPRESS). Yesterday’s seventh episode, Thursday 20 April, saw the protagonists face each other up to the last test, with the tension gradually skyrocketing (PHOTO). The couples, at this point of the race, are particularly tired and stressed. Beijing, as is known, is not a trip that offers the comforts of a five-star resort that pleases souls, but a ruthless game in which a spark is often enough to start a fire.

The couples want to win, they tease each other, as happened yesterday when against all odds there was the final ballot between the Newlyweds and the Sicilians: Joe and Andrea indicated, almost as a way of “revenge” compared to what success in the last few episodes, the Novelli Sposi as candidates for elimination, but Federica and Matteo were saved by the black envelope and the non-elimination verdict. All this, in a very tense climate due to the clash between the Sicilians and the Mediterraneans, in which the Newlyweds supported the former and the Italian Americans the latter, also confirming the now evident rivalry between these last two couples.

Federica Pellegrini: “We were very strong together”

What would it mean for the newly weds to leave now? Before pronouncing the verdict, Costantino asked the couple what it would mean for them to leave today, Matteo Giunta was the first to answer: “After this journey which was spectacular, beautiful, full of emotions and in which we gave everything and committed ourselves right away, being eliminated for an X on the beach would hurt enough ”. Echoed by Federica who begins and admits that she was not too convinced to leave for this great television and human adventure: “We had recently married and I knew that Beijing Express is a journey that tests you on all fronts, especially on complicity that people have, discovering that they have no points in common would have broken my heart, but up to now we have been very strong together and for this I would be sorry to go out “.

The race continues next week, Thursday 27 April always on Sky and streaming on NOWthe five pairs still in the race will land in Cambodiathird and last country of this unstoppable adventure: will the rivalries diminish or will they continue to run with such a heated spirit of competition?

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