Beijing Express, first stop in Malaysian Borneo. Guest, Victoria Cabello. Advances

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In the new appointment of Peking Express – The way to the Indies Thursday 6 April, at 21:15 exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW, the six couples remaining in the race land on this huge island, divided between Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, which is home to the oldest tropical forest in the world (THE BEIJING SPECIAL EXPRESS).

Led by conductors Costantino della Gherardesca and Enzo Micciothe competitors – equipped only with a backpack containing a minimum equipment and 1 euro per day per person in local currency – will leave from the village of Kampung Giam, in the treacherous Malaysian forest, passing through Lubok Antuwhere three couples will compete in the first Advantage Trial of the season (a challenge that, from now on, will no longer give any immunity but will earn a place in the standings), until reaching Sibuthe final goal of this incredible new stage of the Sky Original show created by Banijay Italia.

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The first section that travelers will have to travel is therefore 494 km long. There are still six pairs in the race: Giorgia Soleri and Federica Fabrizio (Federippi) “The Activists”; Joe Bastianich and Andrew Nice flower “The Italian Americans”; Then Martina Colombari and Achille Costacurta “Mother and son”; Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta “The Newly Weds”; it’s still Carolina Stramare and Barbara Prezia “The Mediterraneans”; In the end Salvatore Schillaci and Barbara Lombardo “The Sicilians”.

Even this first stage will be tiring and fascinating as always, full of surprises and twists: travelers will have the opportunity to get to know Malaysian Borneo and its irrepressible nature, experiencing the same emotions Sandokan in the pages of Emilio Salgari’s novels. And waiting for them, upon arrival in Malaysian Borneo – in the episode of Thursday 6 April at 21:15 exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW, always available on demand and streaming on Sky Go – There will be also Victoria Cabello, a long-awaited return after last year’s spectacular victory among the skyscrapers of Dubai in the company of his faithful and beloved Paride Vitale. But in what role will Victoria return to Beijing Express? Will she help the travelers on the run or will she be a new annoying but colorful hindrance for them?

Sky Brand Solutionsdepartment of Sky Media, together with Banijay Italia brought on board episodes of “Beijing Express” Sustenium – Menarini, Samsung Electronics Italia, 8848 The Outdoor Company, We Road, ActionAid.

RTL 102.5 is media partner of the program.

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